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Ultimate Guide To Types Of Caps

Accessories are as crucial as basics. If you are a fashion-friendly person, then you know that accessories are in fashion now. So being a fashionista, you must take your accessories seriously. And as for accessories, the cap has a high demand among youngsters.

Earlier, this had a great value among boys, but now caps are famous for both of the people. Now wearing matching caps with the dresses are on fleek. You can even see the caps fashion upon professional models too. Caps were always in trend, but now usage of the caps are increasing day by day. So, through this writing, we are going to talk about caps descriptively.

Caps are basically from Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh used to have significant usage of caps. But then caps started getting famous and scattered into the different corners of the world. Then Bangladesh began to export it to various countries like UK, USA, India, China, Japan and so on. There are lots of kinds of caps that are available in the market. Different sizes with different styles are also there. So, choose your style and then make a rocking look with caps. Look now in the article.



Types Of Caps

Cap is the basic accessory section. It is comfortable as well as protective. It protects you from scorching sunlight and gives your eyes comfort. Cap is a general garment that has a heavy usage in Bangladesh. Later Bangladesh started exporting it, and it becomes famous all over the world. But for instance, caps and headgears are in fashion. People love to wear matching caps with their dresses, and that looks cool. If you are much curious about to know the variety of caps, then this article is for you. So let's start.

1. Sports Cap

 A Sports cap - also called a sun visor cap - is a type of very cool looking hat. The cap is consisting of a visor or brim which has a strap encircling the head. The upper part of the head is not covered as it highlights the looks of the cap. In the cap, the visor protects only the face and eyes, nose, and cheeks, from the burning sun.

2. Bomber Hat

A bomber hat is suited in winter with a fluffy look. The bomber hat is known as an aviator hat, which is usually a leather cap, including large earflaps. There are a chin strap and a short bill that is generally turned up at the front. Now you can see the lining with fleece or fur. Wearing it with goggles make you look stylish. Other things like felt can be used to make it.

3. 6 BB Cap

6 BB cap is the type of cap which we all have in your house. This cap has no age limits. From the child to an adult, this cap is accessible to everywhere. A puffy and light cotton cap with a circle-shaped crown shape and a stiff that is projecting frontward. These c BB caps have six panels in the middle. The front of the cap generally contains various designs, logos, and quotes.

The logos are basically of sports teams like baseball teams or typed names of famous companies. These caps have extensive usage of commercial marketing techniques. The back portion of the cap has a suitable option to that wearer's head size. The size decider may have a plastic, Velcro, or elastic and zipper strip, that are cool enough. The adjusters are so useful that it can be quickly fitted to fit different shaped heads.

4. Patrol Cap


A patrol cap has similarities with 6 BB caps. This cap is also known as a field cap as it has an extensive usage for militaries or army. The hat is a soft with a catchy, rounded visor, and with a flat top. This cap also looks similar to a baseball cap.

5. Ivy Cap

We know the IVY cap with the help of Sherlock Holmes. Ivy cap has different names like a flat cap, cabbie cap, Gatsby cap, scally cap, Wigens cap, derby hat, Jeff cap, driving cap, bicycle cap, Irish cap. These caps have a rounded centre with a small corner brim in front of it. To make the cap, one should need wool, most commonly tweed and fabric. For the less common materials, there is leather, linen, or corduroy. To provide warmth and for comfort, the inner part of the cap is commonly lined.


Maybe caps have a long age, but this is in fashion now. There are lots of characters in the literature who used to wear caps. And for this generation, caps are pretty famous, and it is going on. Hopefully, this article was much helpful to know about hats. If you want to discover the range of caps, go to an online website. They will help you.

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