Outfits To Try Out In Gym

10+ Outfits To Try Out In Gym

Did it ever occur to you that you have somewhere to go but you have nothing to wear? To be honest, you have many clothes but none fits your idea of the perfect outfit for wherever you are going.  And 'nothing to wear' is a curse upon all of us. 
Same thing with going to the gym.

It is already so hard to convince ourselves to make a gym membership and over the top, all gym outfits seem so grey. But are they anymore? The sportswear brands have been stepping up their game recently. Add colors to your gym wardrobe. Play with the neon and the stripes. 


Gym outfits you can try out

Here is a list of gym outfits you need. Sweat but making it fashion!

1. Tanktop

For those who want to cover-up. tank tops are here to save you. Nothing too much tight, loose tank tops will help your body to breath while you workout.

2. Mesh Tanktop

For ladies, who wants to cover-up but not too much  (you know what I am saying *wink wink* ) mesh tank top is here for you. We honestly thought that the mesh trend would not make it too far but boy, we were wrong!

3. A Jacket

Adding a jacket to your gym outfit is an off-camera celebrity look and if you are wearing sunglass then that's cherry on the top.

Tips: It can be a collar jacket or a hoodie one, the choice is up to you.

4. Cozy

If you are working out in the cold weather then a light crop hoodie is your go-to.  Pair your hoodie with cozy joggers. Keep your self warm in the harsh cold weather.

Tips: You will be working out for hours so when make sure that the material of your outfit will be thick enough to keep you warm in the harsh weather and also light and comfy to let your body breath.

5. Stripes and Logo

Stripes and logo gym wears are the coolest of the lot. They are playful and quirky. You should not shy away from wearing those stripes and brand logos loud and clear on your gym outfit. This outfit doesn't need to come only in grey, there are multiple color options, even neon!

Tips: If you love this kind of gym outfit when buying do make sure that the stripes are aligning well with your body structure. 

6. Floral Prints

Floral prints do not just mean that only 'girly' girls could wear them. It is 2019 and about to be 2020 and we are not going to stereotype anymore. The floral trend is more of everyone. It is a fashion trend. Work it girl!! 

7. Animal Prints

Classics are eternal and some follow you everywhere. From coats to dresses and now to gym wear, animal prints have made it all. And, surprisingly this trend is not going anywhere, they are here to stay!

8. Biker Shorts

It is so hard to believe that something like biker shorts can be on-trend. At first, if you look at it, it is just 'Nah not happening!'. However, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid just changed the game. Our favorite influencers took the lead from them and showed us all the amazing outfits we could put on with biker shorts.

Honestly, biker shorts is like one of the best gym wears. It is shorts, stretchy and comfy! A go-to.

9. Shorts


If you do not like the skin-tight idea while working out then shorts are your option. They are light, airy and short!


Bonus outfits to try out

Here are some more outfits you can try out in the gym:

  1. Zip Bra

  2. Net Leggings

  3. Stretch Hoodie

  4. Plus Size Leggings

  5. Mesh Windbreakers

  6. Pullovers

  7. Waterfall Cardigan

  8. Compression Shorts

  9. Muscle Tee

  10. Sweat Activated T-shirt



You will be thanking this list soon, look good when you are going to do that squat! You don't always have to wear grey outfits for the gym. Add colors and prints to your gym wardrobe. You don't have to stick to the given outfits on the list, you can mix and match among them, you can pair up an animal printed top with a biker short of the same color texture.

You are allowed to get creative. Get some cool sports shoes. If you do not want to invest much in shoes then but some regular or basic colors that go with everything. Black, grey or nudes. You can go for white sneakers but I don't think you will have enough time in your busy work schedule to clean your dirty white shoes.

Going to the gym is important even if you are working all the time make sure you have at least an hour to yourself for working out or doing yoga. The gymming is not just about getting 'hot' or getting a toned body! It is more than that, it is about your health. Everyone should work out, work out for not gaining or losing weight but to stay healthy.

It should be for your mental satisfaction and not for pleasing society or to fit in an unrealistic beauty standard. Work out so that your body stays strong, work out so that your bones don't start breaking when you hit 40.

Work out to stay fit and healthy. 

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