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10 Trendy Ways To Style Your Kurta.



Are you tired of wearing that same kurta with those churidars and salwar again and again? So, this is the time to break that shell of old monotony and step into a fusion world. Let us bring out the best of your combinations and find that style bug within you. 

Kurta is something that is an important part of any girl’s wardrobe. Comfortable, edgy, and a bit fashionable as well. Kurtas make a perfect fashion sense for hot scorching weather or tropical season.
Though with the reinvention of everything and also for fashion there is complete transformation in our wardrobes too. Making a combination is not the way too old. But all you need is to match up for that tints and tones, shades, and hues and make your look simple yet elegant. Here are some ways you can get rid of your monotonous outfit and style the old with new.

Style up your everyday kurta.

Let’s get started with the transformation of old with new.

1. Kurta with skirt.



Skirts are always the best friend of any outfit. They simply get paired up with any upper wear you want to giving a different look. What about pairing it with a kurta? Sounds interesting! Match up; you’re a-line kurta with a long skirt. Pair it up with some statement jewelry to give it a touch of tribal look. Add a floral sling bag and Kolhapur footwear to enhance your overall look completely.


2. Kurta with palazzo. 


Too lazy to search your whole wardrobe to look at which outfit suits your formal look? So, no need to worry too much. Take any of your straight, no matter long or short, pair it up with a palazzo, footwear matching your outfit. Carry your bag and scarf in the neck will give a decent yet classy formal look.

3. Kurta with sharara. 



Shararas are too trendy these days. They can make your usual outfit look more stunning by adding grace to your look. Be it a family function or any party styling kurta with sharara goes nowhere. Style up your kurta with sharara, add a beautiful clutch and high heels to make a chic outfit look.

4. Kurta dress.


How about transforming an Indian attire into a western one? Sounds cool. Wear an a-line or straight kurta as a dress with statement jewelry and a stylish handbag. Pair all of them with those strappy heels or wedges to make it simple yet beautiful.

5. Kurta with shorts. 



That side slit kurta with shorts and canvas or heeled shoes will go better for a friend's party! With being on a reinvention of things, how about giving this also a try? Pair up your long kurta or any side slit kurta with shorts. Canvas shoes will go better. You can also go for heeled shoes as well. Adding a choker to your outfit will give it a chic outfit look. 

6. Kurta with pants.



To make any casual look, formal pants can play an important role in it. Pair up your normal straight kurta with pants, statement jewelry, and handbag will make it perfect.

7. Kurta with jeans.



A combination of jeans and a Kurti is not a new trend, yet you can pair up any of your long or short Kurti with denim jeans and make an irresistible impression to the audience. This combination can be a comfortable one for parties, college, formal look. But all you need to know is which Kurti to pair for what. And you are ready to rock.


5 Bonus Tips..

1. Try to make a decent and beautiful matching of two things.

2. Don’t overdress. It will look weird.

3. Try to add a scarf or statement jewelry to your outfit.

4. Make a braid or leave your hair open as per your choice.

5. Carry your confidence no matter what you are wearing. 


All you need to do is just to create an outfit that suits any fashion blogger and uniquely you. Don’t forget to add confidence to add grace and elegance to your complete look.

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