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14 Steps For Being A Fashion Influencer.

Influencers are taking over Instagram like an orchestra of cricket in the wheatgrass field in the middle of summer. Is it bad or good, that is a topic of discussion for sometimes else, for now, let's talk about fashion influencers. 

Even four years ago, we didn't have the term 'fashion influencer.' We preferred 'The It Girl' or 'Socialite.' These terms were mostly associated with skinny girls achieving their celebrity status because well, they were rich, and this is one thing that modern-day fashion influencers do not need to deal with.

You can be anyone and from any background, and in any size, you can rock the fashion world if you know how to and that's one question we are going to deal with today -How to be a fashion influencer?


How can you become a fashion influencer?

This is not rocket science, so do not worry much. Let's take this step by step.


●  Basic.



All you need a decent amount of fashion sense; you need to keep up with the trend and maybe a little knowledge of photography or a photographer friend. 

I know, we are not all so rich that we can afford good clothes on a daily basis for a new post and a good camera but to be honest, you don't need an amazing quality camera your phone camera will do just fine and when it comes to the clothes well, save a little of your pocket money or do a part-time job. I mean, come on, you got to start from somewhere.


● Intermediate.


The next step is to set up your profile. Do not go overboard but be creative and try to bring something new, because you know there are many competitors in the market and you have to do an excellent job so that you can stand out.This may look easy, but this is a tough job. You have to think of new ways to showcase an outfit or product, and also most importantly; you need to be very engaging with your followers. The first few months will be tough for you but hang in there.


● Advanced.



Once you have set your profile and gained a good amount of followers, you will probably start getting offers from brands to promote their products.

If you want a kick start in this field, you can download the app Tagmango; they hook you up with brands that you can promote. Then, to expand your reach, try collaborating with other fashion influencers, work with different photographers, and explore all the creative options. 


What to do?


Fashion influencer is not just about wearing a stylish outfit and showcasing it. The concept is way broader than that. Yes, you can pick the simple path, that is, to show people different styles, or you can talk about fashion trends and the fashion industry. 

You can open a YouTube channel and talk about the latest fashion trends or fashion weeks, for example, YouTuber HauteLeMode.You can experiment so much on this field, and there is always something going on, so trust me, you are never going to run out of content.





Taking inspiration from other fashion influencers can help a lot. You could learn about the latest trends, and you could also learn how to make a good post and so much more. Just don't end up copying someone else's style. Take inspiration and then showcase it with your style. Here are a few fashion influencers on Instagram for you to take inspiration from:


1. Zoella Zeebo (@zoella)

2. Christine Baberich (@refinery29)

3. Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni)

4. Lauren Conrad (@laurenconrad)

5. Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi)

6. Mariano Di Vaio (@marianodivaio)

7. Kevin Ma (@hypebeast)

8. Rati Tehri Singh (@ratitehrisingh)

9. Xenia Tchoumitcheva (@xenia)

10. Yu-Ming Wu (@sneakernews)


Few Indian Fashion influencers:

1. Gia Kashyap (@giasaysthat)

2. Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl)

3. Juhi Godambe (@juhigodambe)

4. Komal Pandey (@komalpandeyofficial)

5. Roshni Bhatia (@thechiquefactor)

6. Riya Jhaveri (@riyajhaveri)

7. Santoshi Shetty (@santoshishetty)


Bonus Steps.

Few bonus tips to keep in mind while you are attempting to be a fashion influencer. 

1. Do not buy fake followers.

2. Do not buy fake likes.

3. Positively use your platform.

4. Do not promote any product which you don't support.

5. Be genuine. 

6. Try to be innovative.

7. Come up with ideas.

8. Plan your posts before doing the shoot.

9. Step out of your comfort zone.



Success will come eventually. You cannot expect it immediately, though, because it will take time. You have to be patient and keep working hard and keep coming up with new ideas and do a lot of fashion research if you want to last long in the game. 


Like any other job, this is not smooth sailing either. There will be a sleepless night, lost of caffeine and then pressure to look good next morning if you have shoot, there will be a lot of negative comments, rivalry and people trying to bring you down but you have to keep a thick skin and not let anything affecting you and your goals.

All the best!

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