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17 Erotic Types Of Swimsuite

The love for the beach and swimming is never-ending. Whether it is some pool party, beach day or swimming session, a comfortable and stylish swimwear is all that you need. Swimwears are an absolute necessity. So, don the right type of swimwear that goes well with your body type and with the kinds of activities you are about to indulge yourself in. 

With lots of variants of swimwear around, it gets tough to choose the right swimsuit. The ideal swimwear goes right according to the occasion and body type. Like every other dressing, swimwears need to be presentable and comfortable, at your disposal, here is a list of different variations to help you get sorted with the kind you would want to wear on. 



Types of swimwear

Here are all the types of swimwear you need to know. 

1. One piece.

A one-piece suit is a mid-sized suite that covers your top and bottom. This has been in vogue from vintage times. One-piece flatters your body type and at the same time, does not much reveal your flesh. If you're looking for a comfortable yet sassy swimwear, you can flaunt this one. If you have a curvy body, this type is made for you, pick up monotone and deeper shades such as blue, mauve, or black, and here you have the perfect swimwear.



2. Bikini.

This one is the most famous and loved swimwear type. Girls from around the world work hard to achieve a bikini body, so they can easily slip into a bikini and enjoy the much-awaited summer and beach days. Bikini is a two-piece swimwear and has a lot of variations. For bikini top: You can choose to have halter-neck, one-shoulder, underwire, high neck, or sports top type.

For bikini Bottom: you can choose to have thongs, cheeky-cut, high-waisted, boy shorts, full coverage, ruched bottom types.

Whatever your choice is, make sure it makes you happy and comfortable. 



3. Three-piece swimsuit. 

The three-piece swimsuit is for all those people who don't wish to bare it all. This swimsuit provides you enough coverage and at the same time, has a complete swimwear look. The best part about a three-piece swimsuit is its versatility. Women of all ages and body types can go for this option. For making it most fashionable, go for a mesh-net style of it. 



4. Bandeau Swimwear.

In this type of swimwear, you have a two-piece set, out of which, the bikini top is a strapless top with no shoulders. This one is all about going all out and flaunting your body. This swimwear is a perfect beachwear look that you will want to carry. Girls blessed with an hourglass figure have this as their favorite swimwear type. Bandeau looks equally stunning whether you wish your bandeau in prints, monochrome, or neon colors. Just be a confident girl while carrying it. 



5. Skirtini.

This type of swimwear is a two-piece with a tiny skirt attached to the bottoms. Skirtini type of swimwear gives you a very feminine and cute look. Ideal for pear-shaped body, you can wear skirtini when you want to hide a little extra chubbiness around your buttocks and thighs area. This helps you to give an illusion of a skinnier body. You can carry skirtini on beach visits or poolside parties. 



6. High cut bottoms.

This swimwear has its roots from the 80's -90's style. The swimwear has a high cut from the sides, and the cut typically sits above the hip bone. This swimwear has a bold alluring look that is sure to lend you some hefty attention. This swimwear also gives the illusion of a curvaceous body and long legs, making it a hot trend. This is one-piece swimwear that will not disappoint you if you are on a search for swimwear that adds the sizzling oomph factor to your look. 



7. Ruffle swimwear.

Ruffle swimwear is all about adding ruffles generally at the top of the swimwear. The ruffles added is to revamp and spice up the ordinary-looking swimwear. The addition of ruffles makes the swimwear more playful and feminine. This is an ideal swimwear if you have straight or petite body type. This adds volume and some plumpness to your body.



8. Swim dress.

Swim dress is an elegant mix of dress and swimming costume. This is a unique and comfortable type to wear. On the days when you don't feel bikini body ready, or you are not in the mood for some flesh show, wear it up to sort your beach or pool days. This is ideal for all body types, but you can bring your attention to the upper body by having deep v-cut or racerback. 



9. Leg suit.

Leg suits are a knee-length figure-hugging swimsuit. Players often wear this during competition or aqua aerobics. With the leg suit, you don't need to worry or be conscious about anything. Girls with long legs can wear it to accentuate their leg beauty. You can look cool with leg suit, make sure to wear charismatic prints and colors to bring the best out of it. 



8 Bonus Styles.

  1. Sling swimwear.

  2. Tankini.

  3. Wetsuits.

  4. Burkini.

  5. Top-bottom set.

  6. Sport suit.

  7. Monokini.

  8. Rashguards.



Right swimwear is as important as the right dress. Above mentioned list helps you to have the right pick for yourself. It details the type of bikini that is most suitable for the kind of body. It will also help you to stay updated on the matter as to on which occasion to drape these bikinis. 

Remember to be confident while wearing the swimwear. In the end, it's about having the right attitude. If you have the right needed attitude and confidence, wearing a swimsuit becomes much more comfortable and more attractive


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