5 Signs You’re a Shopaholic

5 Signs You’re a Shopaholic

Knee deep in new purchases from yet another impromptu shopping trip? Find your self gravitating towards sales before you even know it? Think you might be a shopaholic? Here are some signs to confirm your suspicions one way or another.

It’s probably safe to say that almost all of us like to engage in the occasional bout of retail therapy; an impulse buys or two maybe even a full-blown shopping spree on special occasions. But there are those to whom shopping nothing shy of compulsion, nay actual religion, and these are the shopaholic you hear so much about in the media. Maybe you are one of those who find themselves shopping compulsively, true and full shopaholic. Here are just a few of the symptoms of the consummate shopping addict that you might just find in yourself.


You Could Be A Shopaholic Too

If you have these signs could be a shopaholic:


1. You Simply Can’t Stop Shopping 

You find yourself enjoying the shopping experience more than you probably should. Sales excite you, purchases drive you near wild with desire and carrying home your spoils intoxicates you to the very core. Every shopping trip ends with a mountain of purchase and even non-shopping-related trips end with you buying a thing you did not set out to buy or simply do not need. You buy clothes, shoes, books, and obscure items you can’t even understand the use for. If every time you pass a new collection is a showroom, your adrenaline spikes and your feet automatically reroute to the store entrance and the mere thought of buying all those wonderful items fills your heart with unbridled joy then you’re probably a shopaholic.


2. Saving Is A Struggle

You find yourself completely unable to save, how are you supposed to when faced with so many lucrative offers. Money seems to burn a hole in your pocket, disappearing almost as soon as it arrives, leaving in its wake piles of clothes, clusters of accessories and simply an inordinate amount of shoes. You buy things on sale as often as you pay full-price and buy things for the amazing deals even more than you buy out of necessity. You spend your time buying more than just the essentials, more than a few indulgences, more than any logical limit and in turn have no savings to speak of.


3. Shopping Makes You Happy  

The act of shopping brings you joy do deep you cannot describe it in words. Be it a long tiring day at work or actual sickness nothing can stop you from going on another purchasing excursion. You live to shop and nothing brings you peace like wandering the clothing aisles or sifting through the heels at yet another shoe store. The act of swiping your card after selecting your desired goods is probably as close as you will ever get to attaining nirvana. It is a spiritual experience you often find yourself surrendering to. Shopping is the one true love of your life, you’ve dedicated your existence to its pursuit and you probably don’t regret it in the least.


4. You Can’t Keep Track Of Your Spending

Your closet is full to the brim with items you don’t even remember buying. Skirts, suits, shirts, scarves and millenary, some with the tags still attached adorn every flat surface in your home. You find that buying these items easy, bringing you great joy, but finding an occasion to use them is more than a little difficult. The more you buy the more such items pile up in every storage space. This, of course, does not stop you from buying more clothes, more shoes, more hats to make sure that you have enough for every conceivable event. Hell, it might even prompt you to go out and buy boxes or shelving to have more places to stack your purchases on.  


5. You Can’t Stop Impulse Buying

Impulse shopping is so common with you it’s pretty much second nature. You go to the store for groceries and come back with a new cocktail dress. You go to the library and end up buying industrial shelving. Making plans with friends always end in a group shopping spree with you leading the charge. When you see a shop or a sale you are struck by an unignorable urge to shop and you end up spending everything you can spare, maybe even more. Shopping is like rain, it can happen anytime and leave you reeling to cope as often as it can be fun. Shopping isn’t something you plan, it’s something that happens to you 



Shopping is a necessary activity, one of the rare few of that category that many people find themselves enjoying quite a bit. And while there’s nothing wrong with the occasional impulse buy this desire to shop away all your worries must be controlled as hard as it can be. For a shopaholic, shopping should be indulgence closely watched and carefully monitored lest one get swept away.

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