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20 Best and Coolest Tees for a Fun Trip



Are you going on a group trip with your friends? Are you looking for something cool and funky to wear? Graphic tees are one of the best options for you to express yourself and also stand out. When you are on a trip and doing various activities, you prefer to wear something light and comfortable (that doesn’t mean a night suit) but also looks fashionable. Graphic tees are affordable too, and a wide range of looks are created for both boys and girls.


Top Trending Tees for Travelling

So here are some of the best graphic tees for you to inspire you to go on an adventure with your buddies and also not to sacrifice style.


1. Where to Next?

Even while you are on the trip, there is always that one person who starts planning the next trip. This cool print is for that one buddy for yours!! Also, the grey color is a very subdued shade and is perfect for you if you don’t like bland colors.


2. I Don't Need Therapy, I Need To Go Camping

Traveling or taking a trip is often dubbed as an ultimate ‘getaway.’ In our daily life, we usually do the same routine that we can easily switch to an autopilot mode—where you no longer have to think, and you go with the motion of your actions. So, it’s good to have a good vacay for once. For all the travelers out there, this one is for you.


3. Road Trip Squad

If you are going on a group trip with your squad, this is the shirt that you can match with your friends. It’s an excellent way to stand out while traveling and a unique way to strengthen your bond with your buddies.


4. Go Goa Gone

This is for all the people out there who wish to go to Goa even after 50 failed attempts after asking their parents for permission. This is one of the most relatable shirts for every student who craves to go to a party with their besties in Goa.


5. Summer is Coming

For all the people who love The Game of Thrones, this one is the one. This shirt is a tweak to one of the most famous quotes from the show “Winter is Coming”. It’s the perfect tee to show your excitement for the summer, and your obsession with one of the best TV shows ever made.


6. Life Is Short And The World Is Wide

Due to our hectic life and busy schedules, we forget that there is so much more in this world for us to see. This tee is to inspire you to jump out of your bed and come out of your cubicles and climb to the top of the mountains and conquer the world.


7. Addicted To Travel

This is peeking inside the mind of a wanderlust addict. Traveling is one the healthiest addiction and this the perfect tee for all people whose thirst for adventure never ends and their favorite saying is “lets gooooo”.


8. Wanderlust

Another wanderlust tee, this is one has cool graphics — this tee you to pack your bags and travel this world. Cos life is meant to have big adventures with close friends.


8. Let's Hit The Road

This is an adorable tee for all the beer lovers like Dwight (from the TV Show The Office). This tee makes you hit the road with your buddies. Travelling is like food for thought to our brain. It changes your perception of life. It teaches you things that are beyond books. It teaches you how to live.


9. Travel Tribe

This is also one of the tees that you can match with your friends. Sharing adventures means you can enjoy 100% more. Sport this tee with your travel buddies because friends who travel together, stay together.


10. Importance Of Traveling

This tee describes the importance of traveling in our lives. Not only does traveling teaches you facts and trivia about a place, but it also helps in your moral and mental growth. Studies have found that people who have traveled to different places since childhood, they are more likely to be open-minded and accepting.


11. I Travel For Food

This is for all the food lovers out there who travel to try out new cuisines and are continuously seen having a snack, be it on a bus or even while hiking on a mountain.


12. Vacation Mode Activated

This is the perfect tee to start your vacation in a cool way. A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.


13. A Bear Kills You

One of the funniest tees, this tee is for all the Khatron Ke Khiladi out there who are not scared of anything. This tee is perfect for a camping trip with your buddies.


14. Traveling Over Shopping

For all the girls who love traveling and are not shopaholics, this one is for you. There is a whole world out there. Pack your backpack, your best friend and go.


15. Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

This is one the most famous lines from the poem, “All That Glitters Is Not Gold” in Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien. This is the tee for all the readers and travelers alike.


16. Life Without Adventure

We are missing out so much if we are not traveling. Turn your phone off, forget your mac, pack your bag and move, because it’s one life, it’s now or never. Traveling is not just about going to new places and posting on Instagram, making FB check-ins or updating your status. It is about the feeling of freedom from worldly pleasures, your professional shackles, the cobwebs of responsibilities which keep you occupied.


17. Mountaineers

For all those mountain lovers, who like adventurous excursions like trekking, hiking, camping, etc., this one is for you. They play a significant role in health and fitness. These kinds of trips help people to detox their bodies from their stressful routines.


18. Never Stop Exploring

This tee has a back design that inspires you never to stop learning and exploring and always have new adventures and experiences. The reason to travel is not just to explore new places but to introspect yourself as well.


19. Musafir

This one is for all bike ride lovers who like to go adventures on their bikes.



So these are the best graphic tees for you and your friends. The best thing about them is you can even wear them while you are not traveling to inspire others. While going with your friends, even a 36-hour journey can be fun, and you can mix and match so many of these tees with your friends and have Instagram good snapshots.

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