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12 Best Variations For Bottom Wear



It’s not hard to pass all the day checking the options and keeping it in the wish list and not to buy. Student life is all about it. We have the desire but not fit in our budget. But when it comes to the topic of pants, we go crazy over it. Pants are the essential things to wear looking good or in necessity.

It's quite shameful to imagine the world without pants, maybe its underpants or denim. Tees will not be so cool without different kinds of pants. If you consider yourself a fashionista, then you should have a vast knowledge of the basics like pants. From sleeping to party wear and of course, for every adventure travel, there is complete access to pants.

We are a much lucky generation that we don't have a lack of choices. There is a wide range of collections of pants. Online websites make it easier to choose from. We have all the selection on our phone. Just scroll it down, and all will be yours, of course, when you have enough money to buy it.

You need to know your size. That knowledge is much to buy the pants. For instance, there are lots of categories of pants. Even some of them you hadn't heard. In this article, we will let you see the types of pants.

Types Of Pants

Do you know pants are much older as of the life span of a turtle? We know that the oldest pair of pants were made 3000 years ago. From then on, pants are started to be in the revolution. It is becoming better to best. As an item of casual clothing, pants have high market values. Shopping addicted people know that pants cost more than the upper wear.

So, if you want to become a fashionista, we need to know what to wear as the top for relevant bottom wear. If you're going to discover the full range of styles on pants, then this article may help you.

1. Jeans 


There is nothing to say about jeans. This clothing is in our regular use and a regular part of our casual outfit. The jeans cotton is comfortable, intense, and you can't tear it easily. But there are also ripped jeans which are in fashion. And making solid jeans rip requires more hard work. That's why they are costlier than the basic ones. Jeans are unisex wear also. 

2. Khaki



Khaki is a colour that indicates the intensity of dust. It comes with light brown fabric colour, which is of cotton, wools, or blends with synthetic fabric. Khaki pants are used for uniform or military dresses. Like cloth, it has a variety of weaves. It is much cooler to style with tees

3. Pleated Pants


If you want to diminish the new chubby look from your body, then pleated pants are the best option for you. It will give you a classy look. If you have sexy long legs, then pleated pants will provide you with a perfect appearance.

4. Cargo Pants



Cargo is the goods that are valuable for ships. From this concept, the British military first introduced to these cargo pants in the year of 1932. They used it for their battle uniforms. But our generation uses it to look cool. A slim fit top will make a perfect combo with the cargo pant.

5. Chinos


In the time of the Spanish American war in 1898, Chinos used as battle uniforms as military trousers. The khaki-coloured cotton pants are much comfortable, and you can wear it in any season. The actual source of these cotton pants was China. So, the Spanish army derived it as Chinos.

6. Pants With Flat fronts



Pants with Flat fronts made of cotton and other flat material. These pants are for men to wear it upon hip bones. This clothing is also called a high waist pleated pant. Pants with Flat fronts give you a look to be fit and slim.

7. Trousers



Trousers have mainly come from the United Kingdom. They are ankle lengthen cotton pants, which are usually come loosely fit. Trousers use as casual wear.

8. Capris



Capris are basically for women who are three quarters in length. These pants are come in cotton textured pants and can wear at the bottom of any tees.


  1. Corduroy Pants

  2. Moleskin Trousers

  3. Flannel Trousers

  4. Pajama Pants


As a kid of this generation, we all are more or less aware of what to wear. We have sufficient options, and we know where to use that. Being fashionista is fresh and up to the trend. So, know your way of styling and make people follow you.

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