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12 Crazy Slogan T-Shirts For Men

Nothing is beating Graphic T-shirts when it comes to making a fashion 'statement'. You cannot find a single soul who does not own a graphic T-shirt. The graphic t-shirt is a classic, was hype then, is a hype today, and nothing can change that. No matter your style, there will always be a graphic t-shirt for you. 

Among all the graphic tees, the ones with the slogans are statements itself! Have you ever read a bookor watched a movie and came across a line or a quote that described you or your situation and you immediately wanted it? I mean thanks to whoever discovered the slogan t-shirts, he or she was a genius!

Hi to all the amazing gentlemen out there, are you thinking about getting a new slogan tee but you are also wondering what if it is not in tren anymore and you do not want to look 'so-last-week' then fear not. In this write-up, we are going to talk about the trending slogan t-shirts for men.


Here Are Some Cool Slogan T-Shirts.

  • Pubg Tees



With the release of Pubg, Fortnite took the back seat in India. Everyone is glued to their phones, playing Pubg trying to get the chicken dinner. No wonder, 'Winner Winner Chicken Dinner' became one of the most trending slogan t-shirts. This t-shirt is not just a fashion item but a trademark of a Pubg player as well.

Next time you spot someone with a Pubg slogan T-shirt tell him 'Chal Pubg Khelte Hain' who knows you may find a good player as well the best buddy!


  • Game of Thrones Tees



I know Game of Thrones ended, and it was more than just disappointing; however, the books are not finished yet, so there is still a bit hope I guess. Moreover, the hype of a series with that magnitude is not going to die that easily, so trust me the GOT slogan T-shirts are here for the long run so that you can invest and if anyone tells you otherwise you can ask them to back off!

Any line from this series is just iconic, so it does not matter what you want to pick and if you can not find the tee with the slogan you wish to then hey we are here for you to personalize your tee *wink wink *.


  • Sacred Games Tees.




'Balidan Dena Hoga' apne need ka! 

That's all of us whenever Netflix has dropped a Sacred Game season. And what was that? I mean season 2's ending? We want season 3 asap we want closure!

Sacred Games was a revolution of Indian web series. It changed the way how we used to think about our desi web series. With Gaitonde slaying (literally!) and with his iconic line 'Apun hi Bhagwan hai' the series is on top of the chart, and there is no doubt men want this slogan on their tees!


  • Gully Boy Tees



Apna time kab ayega?

Honestly, I do not know man! Will it ever tho? Anyways, we all know this movie is going to be a classic with its storyline and the performance and everything.  The iconic lines and the hit tracks are worth to be on your tee.

'Apna Time Aayega' and 'Boht Hard' are two of the most trending tees from this movie and honestly, there are more!


  • For the highs.


If you are the one who have so much love for the greens that give you the highs, then these trending slogan tees are for you.


  • How’s The Josh?


High sir!
'How's The Josh?' became more popular than the movie itself. This three words statement was everyone's status and photo caption and hashtag how's the josh was trending on the top! And, it is still trending as one of the most popular slogan tees.

  • Just do it!


Whatever you want to do, just do it! 

These slogan tees come with its quirks and designs. The statement is the same; the art is just different!


5 Bonus Slogan T-Shirts.

  1. If Beer Isn't The Answer, Then Your Question Sucks.

  2. I Drink Tea And I Know Things.

  3. Girls Like You.

  4. I Am Not An Animal, I Am Just Wild.

  5. Baba You're Beautiful.




Dear men, It does not matter what your body type, no matter what you wear, just feel confident and trust me; you are going to look great. It is okay if you do not have muscles or if you are too thin, you are a beautiful soul accept that and what others think can take the back seat!

When you are buying a tee, it does not have to be the generic t-shirt. You can go full sleeve, V-neck or with collars. It is okay to break out of your comfort zone and experiment a little. You can try different colours as well. You do not have to stick to black or dark blue always!

Well, I just gave you a list of trending slogan tees you should keep an eye for then what are you waiting for? Grab your wallet and go through our site and get them!

Take care and happy shopping!









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