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Customization VS Personalization

Do you love having a personal touch in your order? Even a tiny bit can bring great happiness! Over the years, personalization and customization in products and services have progressed immensely. The customers are demanding products as per their tastes and preferences. These days, brands and companies are utilizing the innovative strategy of personalization and customization so that the customers get what they are anticipating.

Many a time, the words personalization and customization are deceived to be the same. They have similar goals and aim to satisfy the customer. However, there is a real difference between both. They have a positive impact on the users as well as the business. To help you understand in detail, we are here to discuss personalization and customization.



Different customers have different opinions and demands. Customization plays an important role to cater to the needs of the people. Customers get a choice to determine the color, appearance, material, design, content, and features through an automated machine or direct seller. Upon specifying the requirements, the user has an opportunity to create their product. They have the freedom to design the product in their way, make alterations, and choose the topic of interest.

Restaurants, boutiques, and many online sellers offer their users this structure. Online customization is possible with the support of online methods like 3D printing, data analytics, 3D view, and engraving. In short, the users here have to furnish detailed information to the dealer or the online website. Customization is done by the user to get what they want and have complete control over it. When the user knows what their needs and expectations are, customization works precisely as the user mentioned.

E.g: Google News lends the user the complete authority to determine what aspect of stories or news they are enthusiastic about.



  • Better customer experience as customization is very appealing

  • Different customers have different choices

  • Allows the customer to customize as per his choice

  • Brings customer satisfaction

  • Increase in revenue

  • Retaining the customers

  • Better brand image



By understanding the taste and preference, the system or the individual personalize as per the user's needs and interests. The information regarding the user's behavioral structure, buying option, and complete data like his age, gender, location, browsing pattern, niche interest is known. It is necessary to meet the user's demands are met.

Once the individual is recognized, the user's profile is recognized. It aims at providing a meaningful experience to the user. An online app, website, or an individual can tailor the needs accordingly. Interaction takes place between the user and the seller. They deliver the user the content, experience, or functionality that matches their requirements. There is no effort made by the user to personalize. Personalization is a continuous process and has become essential for staying in the competition. Without expressive-information from the customer, personalization brings a fun outcome rather than an ordinary one. Personalization makes things remarkably better but can take place only when the user/visitor/customer willingly share their data. It increases engagement, increases conversion, and generate more loyalty.

E.g., Netflix asks it's users for the appealing genres and shows they like. Then they customize according to the user's choice and display a list of shows to them.

Another example of personalization is your shopping app. Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Club Factory, etc., provide you personalized recommendations based on your previous search and purchases.



  • Better customer reach by promoting

  • Build long-lasting and efficient customer engagement and relationship

  • Create a better, real and personal experience for the users 

  • Target the correct user

  • Increase in income

  • Increase in buyer retention



To conclude, the user himself does the customization. By gaining knowledge about their interests, customization takes place. By giving options from which the user has to choose as per his preference. The website or seller does personalization for the user. Today, there is more focus on strategies like personalization rather than customization. There has been a shift to personalization. Customization needs extra information from the user. Personalization happens by making use of existing data, information, or history.

However, both customization and personalization have become a business necessity in today's time. At times they are used together for better customer experience. The customer himself makes it and owns it. This becomes very easy when you know the audience eventually. An amalgamation of both strategies can be adopted by a business to provide the user with a better experience and engagement.

The future of shopping is personalization and customization. Both of these tactics aim at giving maximum customer satisfaction. They enhance a better experience. However, they require regular administration. Customization requires to allow users to make modifications as per the taste and preference. Personalization claims a daily review of the right contact reaching the right and targeted users.


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