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16 Elegant Ways To Style Your White T-Shirt.

We are already aware of the classic white T-shirt with denim pants, but don't you think it is high time we move on from the plain boring jeans T-shirt combo and try something new and fun?

But doesn't the casual white tee looks perfect with just a pair of denim washed jeans? Yes. It does. I agree. However, trust me, it looks more fun with other kinds of bottoms and more layers. Let me help you out with some visuals and many details.


Styling A White Tee.

Look around your closet; I am sure you own more than just a pair of jeans. Take out your skirts and those trousers pants, and even if you are just a denim girl, I am pretty sure that this one time your mom convinced you to buy a dress or a skirt or anything that is not two long cloth of denim. So, yes, bring them out.


1. Just your normal denim.

I know I just ranted about moving on from the usual denim and white tee combo, but hear me out first. The combo is fine, I mean we can all agree on that but how about making it a little more. How about adding a layer? A long coat. I mean, just look at the picture. It looks so good and classy. 



2. Leather pants.

Before we proceed, let me warn you, this look is a big no for summer because the leather material will suffocate your legs but a big yes for the falls and winters. You can pair up your basic white tee with leather pants and add a layer if you want to. It does not look too much but enough and very well put together.



3. Leather skirts.

If we could pair our basic tee with a pair of leather pants, then we can surely pair them up with a leather skirt. The choice of the leather color is entirely up to you. It is a white t-shirt it will go with any color, so you do not have to think much.



4. With a dress.

You can do two things with a dress. If you have a well-fitted t-shirt, then wear it under your dress (given the dress' sleeves are shorter than the tee's) or else wear them over your dress and make it a casual skirt and top look.


5. Floral skirts.

Floral skirts, plaited skirts, and pencil skirts all of them will look great with a white tee. You can either tie a knot or tuck the shirt in. Whatever style suits you.


6. Business casual.

White t-shirts are perfect for business casuals. They are not too much, and if paired with the right bottoms, then they end up looking exactly perfect. 



7. Business formal.

Same as the above point, these t-shirts are perfect for business looks. But if you are going for more of a formal look, then it suggested you should opt for a well-fitted t-shirt rather than a loose one.


8. Comfy pants.

We could conclude by now that these t-shirts look perfect with any kind of bottoms. A loose fitted white tee even looks good with a loosely fitted pair of pants. I mean, just look at the picture.



8 Bonus Ideas.

While styling a perfect outfit, you have to keep a lot in mind and here are a few extra tips to help you out:

1. The makeup: Always wear makeup keeping the occasion and timing in mind. 

2. Color palette: Try to keep up a simple color palette for your look if you are going somewhere in the morning. A little bright if the occasion is in the evening, and you should keep it bold, honey, if it is at night.

3. Shoes: Wear whatever you are comfortable in, but keep the event in mind.

4. Accessorise: Always accessorize it gives an extra pop to your look.

5. Bags: Carry the bags that go with your look and do not choose a pack whose color is out of the color palette of your outfit.

6. Layers: Adding layers over your basic tees make it look chicer. Long coat, short coat, blazer, shrugs, jackets, or shirts, everything will look good on these basics.

7. Do not throw your white tee away. That t-shirt is an investment.

8. If you are bored with your white t-shirt, you can always DIY it. You can either paint on it or crop it chop it, whatever you want to do with it.



I hope this can help you with the anatomy of a basic white t-shirt look.

This was just a mere idea of what you should do with a piece of clothing that you thought doesn't fit anywhere else but with denim, the rest of the styling, and the responsibility of making it the perfect out of the day depends on you.


So all the best. Have a fun time shopping and playing wardrobe

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