Fashion Trends to Take Along With You in 2020

11 Unique Fashion Trends to Take Along With You in 2020

Hey Guys! I hope you are doing good and lookin' smoking. No? Why not? Life is too short to wear boring clothes. So dress up, Cinderella, and chin up! 

What is fashion? Long blonde hair, tight tiny dress, high heels, red lipstick? The answer here is yes and no. yes, if that's what you are feeling, that's what you want to express because that's what fashion is.

Quoting Blair Waldorf, Queen B, "Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It's a movement, design, and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we'd like to be".

So, articulate and exhibit yourself as whatever you want to be. The class doesn't age. So what do you like to wear? 


Outfits to try out in 2020

Here are some outfits you can try out at 2020:


1. Ruffles

Source: Pinterest, Etsy


Ruffles are basically fancy wrinkling of a piece of cloth. Designers Since time and again have tried to make them look eye-pleasing, cute, and aesthetic. It is a common symbolism of power and embracing legacy. It was once worn by royalty. It epitomizes strength and confidence. And you will feel adorable. 


2. Puffy Sleeves

Source: Silkfred, Shop hearts


These go way back to the Renaissance period. Then the Victorian era and came right back airbrushing the 80s'. It's flirtatious, flattering, and fashionable. It is a power shoulder dress. People with the narrow shoulder can rock this style creating an illusion of broader shoulders. 


3. Sheer

Source: Slice, Prettylittlething         


Cobweb is and has been in since a forever. A crucial part of wearing this is learning how to style them because otherwise, it goes from titillating to profane in a jiffy. It can easily be misjudged so where it at a place where a little fun hurts nobody!                                  


4. Capes

Source: StyleCaster


This cuddly and tenacious attire is perfect for ANYWHERE you go during the season because for one it is a necessity and besides you are making winter look appealing along with it. 


5. Denim Overload

Source: Fashionista


Here we give it to durability. Denim will stay in your closet for eternity. Today shirts, t-shirts, shorts, pants, rompers, jumpsuits, jackets, everything is available in denim material. Go bananas. And when I say denim it doesn't only mean blue. Why not pink? 


6. Modern Corsets

Source: Glowsly


Corsets are known to accentuate waists to give you a better waist to hip ratios. I want to just put it out there that this fashion might make you feel uncomfortable in your own body as it can really tighten up causing difficulty breathing and or sitting. So know what you need but also what you can handle because the way you carry it is also substantial. 


7. Light as a Feather

Source: Cosmopolitan, Moda Operandi


This fad can either be constructed into angel wings or fiery phoenix looks as per the stance of the person who parades it. But there is no going wrong with this delicate look. And if you've never tried it, do! Because why not? 


8. Cold Shoulders/Off Shoulders

Source: Milloslifestyle


That does sound mean, I know. The designer might even be I have no idea. It again hangs perfectly on the people with comparatively narrower shoulders. I am not saying it's not for the people with broad shoulders but I do suggest that we need to try it on before investing in them. Other than that this is a really comfortable and hassle-free fashion. 


9. Pantsuits

Source: Glamour


Honestly, I've never seen anybody as quite so excited to wear suits as much as Barney from How I Met Your Mother. Quoting him, "Suits are full of joy. They are Sartorial equivalent of a baby's smile". These stand for professional and influential attire. You are bound to be noticed if you suit up. Like Barney says, "Suit Up! Because tonight's gonna be legendary" so channel that vibe and amp up your aura. 


10. Monochrome

Source: 360nobs


Go all-in from whether with green or orange or black. This dressing style allows the viewer to judge the texture and material of the clothing as the vibrancy of the color is an obvious stand of the point here. Wear corduroy or fur or satin or silk. You get a broad range of artistic license to draw yourself here! 


11. Two-piece

Source: Shien


This profoundly chic and boho look can be worn at a wedding or concerts or even to the beaches. Just click the right print and pattern and you are ready to go! It contains slightly bare skin so again try everything and know where you feel at ease and maybe you bring it a bar above or below according to your desire.


Bonus Trends to try out in 2020

Here are a few more outfits that will stay trendy in 2020:

  1. Polka Dots

  2. Bermuda Shorts

  3. Bralettes

  4. Round Neck Tshirts

  5. Sequins



I know I have said a million times throughout this article but I can not stress on this enough- it is important how to dress. How you feel about yourself and how serene you feel in your threads is going to be an accessory to your dress. An essential one. So, if your little black dress looks amazing with those 5-inch heels but you stumble every step of the way then that's going to be a laughing stock. Do you see what I mean? So go with your gut. Be original! Be classy! And Stay Golden!

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