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10 Funky Holiday Looks!

A holiday is a day kept aside by law either on account of religious festivals, Sabbath day, or a memorial on some great person death. Holidays are special not just because we can relax and have time for ourselves but also because we can do things that we left behind or kept postponing.

However nowadays the world is moving so fast in terms of food, technology, culture that people hardly have time to relax. And after working like crazy for hours and days, people set off for Holiday to different countries or maybe a weekend getaway too. Now when you think of travelling you come across the fact that you don't have anything good to wear. So you can find a guide below to see if you what you have and what you need. But because of too many holidays and or vacations you take I have divided them in three categories such as - Summer and Spring looks, Winter, Christmas and New year looks,Looks for holiday parties.


Here Are The Different Looks.

  • Summer and Spring Looks.

  1. Long Kaftans. 



Kaftan is a long single stitched dress with space to take out your arms and is fitted to your body. Kaftans have been a part of fashion since the olden times, we saw Arabs and Egyptians wearing them . Even today they are available but in an overtly embroidered manner, primarily because of too much cold. So the fashion industry brought a new design to it and now they are available in mixed fabrics. Kaftans are easily in a nearby store or in markets or online stores too.


2) Bohemian Sheath Lace white Maxi.


Bohemian designs have taken over the fashion industry in about five years or so and now most women's first choice of clothing is a Bohemian dress, primarily because they are really comfortable. And when you apply Bohemian design to lace cloth, there's a different charm in it. The maxi because of lace cloth is really light weighted and with a comfortable deep V neck, you'll look nothing less than a mermaid. So you can wear it any any time you are on your holiday, especially while chilling in the beach, or for a romantic evening.


3) Printed Sheath Midi.



Well in order to get you in you full swing of the holiday spirit, how do you think of getting a printed midi with extended deep V neck. It's just ideal for shopping, hanging out at the beach, relaxing in a hote and all other things you wish you'd do in it. Good thing is if you don't find exactly what you are looking for in prints, then you can get it Stitched too.


  • Winter, Christmas and New Year.



Off course in most places around the world the popular holidays include Haanokka, Easter Thanksgiving and Christmas for all these nights and days you need to have something really special to wear but now you don't really have to think too much if you are vacation in somewhere in LA or Some part where there's isn't much cold then your old Bohemian dresses would look good. But say you went off to the holiday to cities like New York, California, Buffalo well then you definitely know that it's time for those hidden and really soft winter wears.

But now the question is what exactly should you wear on a holiday during winters well off course jeans is a priority but you need to make a paper look out of the jeans, not that you just took that out of your cupboard because it's cold and you don't feel like dressing up and that's why I have brought a few designs from the most popular looks that we have seen on television and thought to ourselves quote of them that how I wish I would have a dress like that. For going out on a winter day -


1) Woolen sweater, Skirt and knee socks and Boots. 



So now you are in in the world famous cities to celebrate either Christmas or just hanging out with your parents or celebrate new year with your loved one you definitely need something special to wear during the days. so this time you can tune up your really pretty red blue green yellow which river is your favourite colour sweater and chequered skirt have been quite popular now. Boots should be especially the ones that keep your feet warm.

2) Woolen Dresses with Coat, Pashmina and Boots.



Woolen dresses are made up out of very thin strings of wool and their popular in the market as of now however if you are somebody who likes to get something custom made for themselves you could also ask a store that might specialise in knitting a dress for you or you can just go and shop it in a nearby store or even online it is available very easily.

Now your coat should be in line with the color of the dress. So you could make it contrast like black and red, white and yellow or go for even the most brightest colors afterall Tis the season to dress up and enjoy. To add more colors you can wear a cap and some nice boots too. And Pashmina being really thin would act like a scarf and you can wrap around when you feel too cold.


3) Danika McKellar looks from Christmas at Grand Valley - Jeans Top and Pashmina Scarf.



Well now that winters are coming, it's time to take out those double jeans of yours or if you don't have one, then you can find one one with a woolen base in it, they are really soft and looks like your regular jeans. With Tips you should choose full sleeves top, now it's upto you which style you choose to wear, it could be cold shoulder, clean solids, Polka dots etc. And yet again comes your favourite Pashmina Scarf. Now I suggest Pashmina Scarf because it's really thin and a hundred times warmer then your ordinary georgette or chiffon scarf.


4) Lacey Chabert Looks from Hallmark Countdown to Christmas.



After Candice Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert has been a popular host of Countdown to Christmas movies on hallmark channel. And this year she wore one of the best outfits that made her look like she's a girl next door. On one of the episode as a host she wore a complete English Red Off shoulder dress and the colour but with a cold shoulder. And in a season filled with joy, Red certainly is a beautiful add on to your wardrobe. Good thing is the dresses that she wore are available in your nearest store and online very easily.


  • Looks for wearing at a holiday party 



Often comes a time in your life and a season when you are just not sure what to wear to this occasion I mean even if you have a lot of clothes in your covered still you think what should I wear in this particular occasion or maybe it's just a simple location like a children's birthday party wear you are taking your child or it's a Lifestyle exhibition where you are invited, confused with what to wear. I'll help you further with this list that you can wear at any occasion.


1) Shimmer Olive Green Net Embroidered Dress.



Well quite a title, but actually this is one of the best dress that will suite any holiday occasion of yours. You could be wearing it to shopping, to eat out, to a evening party, etc. It's shimmer net gives the dress a wonderful look and Embroidery is an additional add on to it.


2) Dress with a Pullover.



So now a days there is a new fashion of wearing pullover sweater with dresses and they actually look quite cool. And making a combination out of them is not very difficult, be sure to buy a sweater that goes with your clothes. And if it's summers you can ditch the pullover sweater and get going with your dress.


 3) Tulle or Denim Dress with a sweater.



Tulle is quite a popular kind of dress and it can be used to wear all along the day and night and so is Denim. But when worn with a cardigan, you'll create an effortless look which will not be very expensive and at the same time comfortable too.


 Special Tips 

  1. One of the key ingredient to look good is that you feel good in any dress you wear.

  2. When you are on a holiday, unless you are a social media freak no body really cares what you are wearing.

  3. Try to wear clothes as per the place you are visiting, this will keep you off from the list of thief's because then you will not look like a tourist.

  4. If you are at the beach, make sure you have a white shirt with your swimsuit, otherwise most of your body will be left tanned even after sunscreen lotion with SPF 150.

  5. But above all of you add some eye-catching piece of jewelry to it will be an amazing add on to your outfit.

  6. Yes Denims are great but not for too hot places or your shorts that you love wearing, don't try to fit unnecessarily in it, instead have something that you are comfortable in.

  7. Always pack light if you are traveling via flight or train.

  8. If you are wearing a maxi dress try to use a jacket with it. The two pair and look really well.

  9. If you are someone who feels a lot cold then you should go for Danika McKellar looks. They'll keep you warm and you'll look stylish too.



So you decided to take a holiday, but when you are then you must be sure that you have those really good clothes to wear. And after all it's your holiday, you should be happy while packing for it and not sad or confused and rattling over things.




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