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How To Kick Start Your Startup T-Shirt Business



T-shirts are a significant part of fashion ever since around the 15th century. There use varied back then, they were more like work clothes. As of now, they have gained popularity, charm and are worn by both men and women. T-shirts are comfortable and chic; they carry the statement that I'm myself or my best. However, they not considered the most sophisticated wearables.


Starting a T-shirt business is a considerable task, especially if you just a single person, however when you have the will to do it, it's no impossible will not be a word for you. So here the essential tips on how to startup a T-shirt business.




1) Learning about the Fabrics and customer needs

Now that you know you want to work in the clothing sector, the most important thing is to go out in the market and see what kind of fabrics are T-shirts made up of. You must be aware of the fabric if you are selling offline or online.

You should also be well aware of customer needs, like what kind of designs do they like, and what is your new touch to it. There are companies like Bazarville that customise T-shirts for their customers; you can contact them and get to know if they could design a massive lot for you.


 2) Your Niche and Targeted Audience



When you are sure about what you want to be a part of the t-shirt business, you must have a niche and a targeted audience to sell. The point is that only those things come into the market, which is in demand. Otherwise, there are so many things in the world of fashion that come and go. Like people still remember the smiley face with " Have A Nice Day" title in front of it or "Being Human". The point once, when you are sure of an audience and your design, you can clearly explain the companies your whole concept behind that t-shirt business.


 3) Design your t-shirt



You already have conducted your research and know your target customers. Now all you need to do is get those designs on paper and then on the clothes. The design of your products will help you remain ahead in the game and would act as a strong foundation in your success. You have to be and of course, cross the "Terri barrier" or Terror barrier. It will also keep you in your comfort zone, so in the t-shirt start-up business, you'll have to experiment a lot.


But if you are not sure at all about the designs, then you can ask for a local designer to help your beautiful design t-shirts. Ideally, you could also go for home, printing them with block methods; you can get yourself a customised block designed from any local carpenters. Or you could create one using inkjet printers.



4) Promoting your products



Once you have finalised your designs, you can all you need to do is start creating awareness between your friends and friends of friends. You can seek their validation to know if the product mentioned is liked by others or does it need any changes. You can go live on YouTube, Reddit forums and Quora as well will help yo I enhance your business and the validity of your designs. Ideally, you could show them through the video to increase your interest in your website.



5) The variety of fabrics



The more superior quality and the variety of fabrics, the more your business will be accessible. But if your T-shirts are getting ripped or torn after 3-4 wash only, soon people will stop buying your T-shirts, and in no time your business would shut down. Having the right name in the market will help grow in your reputation and business.


6) Getting customised t-shirts



For offline stores, you can get customised t-shirts from websites like Bazarville.com they have a designer that will help you design your products.


7) Selling your products online and offline



Finally when you are sure of what kind products do your customers need, then you need to contact a shipping company or if you have enough expenses, you can higher your people to ship things for you. The final sales of your products online and offline will decide how long do you have to go.



  1. Do thorough research.

  2. Plan everything in advance.

  3. Acknowledge your competition.

  4. Plan the finances.

  5. Do not give up even if you don't see sale the very first day.


 In conclusion, all I can suggest is that you need to start somewhere for a t-shirt start-up business. Nothing will happen if you keep sitting or lose the battle in between. Be sure of what designs you are going to sell and your fabrics. Or you can also use the graphic print format too. If you are home printing them, then the best methods include block printing, floral stamping and inkjet printer printing methods.

They give an excellent outcome of the products. If you are unsure that about self-printing them then you could go website like Bazarville.com, they have designers and printing machines to help you customise products for the customers.

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