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32 Best Indian Bridal Makeup Styles to Follow in 2020

A big fat Indian wedding is no joke. It takes months, well a year of preparation to execute the wedding of one's dream. Roll your eyes till the back of your head wondering what is the point, it is just a waste of money. You may even go around and tell everyone that you are not getting married anytime soon or you have no interest in the whole concept of a big wedding but deep down, you know it that you secretly want to attain the goals Virushka and DeepVeer have set. You have already decided on the location, all the outfits, and the lehenga design. 

However, it is quite unfortunate that the bridal make up gets overshadowed by all the glitz and glam of the outfit and the wedding destination. Bridal make up is the last thing on the 'prep to-do' list. It should not be. It should come right after the outfits, at the top second. 

Right one month before the wedding, your grooming starts so that you look exceptional at your wedding. You make time in your busy schedule for the gym, to attend all the dance rehearsals and fittings. Amid everything, you should not forget to take care of your skin. Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize so that you look flawless and the makeup sticks well to your skin.

Your makeup artist knows more than you (Obviously!) but make sure you are well aware of what suits you and what doesn't. Know the right shade of your foundation and concealer, know which lipstick shade suits you best.

The most important aspect of bridal makeup is eye makeup. The eyeshadow with a little touch of the shimmer of gold is where all the drama is happening. There are a lot of things you can do with your bridal makeup, you can go bold and gorgeous or keep it less and simple. 


Best Indian Bridal Makeup Styles To Follow In 2020

Here are the different bridal makeup styles followed in a different region:



The big and expressive eyes of a Bengali bride and the red in their overall look gives a simple yet bold look. After the base makeup is done touch up the eyes with kohl and the darkest shade of your eyeliner, apply the red on your lips and add the Chandan bindis on your forehead.

The dots and encircling lines drawn with Chandan eventuate the Bengali bride in you even if you are not wearing the traditional Banarasi saree. 



The Marathi bridal makeup is the most simple of all the Indian bridal makeups. The soft tone base with a little dab of highlight and the eyelids covered with a shimmer of gold or copper colors give a warm bridal look. The traditional red crescent bindi is drawn above a smaller regular bindi and then to elaborate on the beauty of the eyes, a thin line of kohl is added on the waterline.

The final touch up is given by putting layers of mascara on the eyelashes and a subtle shade of pink on the lips.



The Punjabi bridal makeup is correlated with loud and bright colors and tones. The crucial thing is to keep your makeup neutral and let your grandiose flowy gown or your opulent lehenga be the bold statement. Dark bold lips, the eyes with the long-winged eyeliner, the lashes with coats of mascaras and then spark up the glitter and glam with the eyeshadows for the dramatic eye look.

In the end, with a little dash of bronzer highlight the cheekbones and the collar bones and you are ready to look drop-dead gorgeous at your wedding.



The Rajasthani bridal makeup is kept simple to balance the overall look of the heavy ornaments and the lehenga choli. Most of the Rajasthani women have a bit of wheatish skin tone and thus to bright up the makeup look they apply dark kohl and layers of mascara on their eyes.

The correct shade of foundation for the base and light cream-toned blush is used on the cheek. Then the look is completed by applying the shade of eyeshadow which matches the lehenga choli and matching lipstick.



The incredible looking wedding silk saree, the precious gold jewelry, and the flowers in the bun bring out the inner goddess of a South-Indian woman on her wedding day. Since a South-Indian wedding always takes place during the early morning hours the bridal makeups are made natural.

With the dramatic kohl eyes and the coats of mascaras, a light shade of eyeshadow and lipstick is used to make the natural look.


27 Additional Makeup Tips for Bridal Makeup

Here are the essential makeup tips for bridal makeup:

  1. Wash your face gently with the face wash that is compatible with your skin.

  2. Moisturize your face.

  3. Use a face primer before applying the foundation.

  4. Use an eye primer before all the shiny glimmery eyeshadows.

  5. Use the correct foundation shade.

  6. While using the concealer go one or two shade lighter than your skin tone.

  7. Use a separate brush for your eyes and the rest of your face.

  8. Use a beauty blender for applying foundation.

  9. Use clean brushes.

  10. Use an angles brush for gel liners.

  11. Use a green concealer for concealing your bluish veins.

  12. Do not overdo the makeup.

  13. Apply the blush properly.

  14. Choose the right shade of blush.

  15. Makeup should go with your outfit.

  16. Do not use cheap makeup brands it can harm your skin.

  17. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner

  18. Choose the best color for eyeliner.

  19. Do not forget to use a highlighter for your brow bones.

  20. It is okay to go overboard with the eyelash extensions.

  21. Curl your lashes and make them longer and fuller.

  22. Use a light peach or vanilla shade as a highlighter.

  23. Use a pencil to shape your brows and a brow brush to shape your brows.

  24. Use a chapstick before applying your lip shade. This will keep your lips moisturized and healthy.

  25. Line your lip.

  26. Use the lip shade that goes perfectly with the rest of your makeup and the whole outfit.

  27. Set your makeup look with a makeup setting spray



A traditional makeup look or a fusion with your style, that is up to you, just don't forget to set your makeup with a setting spray.

Remember to add the names of the makeup brands you need to check and the makeup artists you need to contact for your big day on your prep list.

All the best wishes to the beautiful brides-to-be.

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