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10 Things You Must Have For Summer Holidays

Students around the globe wait for this one season throughout the year. Schools are over, Unis are all closed, it is such a happy time. If you ignore the temperature you would realize that summer is a very happy season- less study pressure, more concerts, bright colors, and food. Summer screams fun. You can do so many activities during your summer holidays, go camping in the woods, go to the beach, throw a pool party, go on a family vacation or even with friends. Summer is like a new beginning, it is a fresh start!

However, like every other thing in this beautiful yet cruel world summer also has its pros and cons. I mean, just look at the scorching heat that makes you stay in your air-conditioned room in the whole afternoon and every year it feels like the temperature has reached some unattainable level. Although the summer evening breeze feels so good the afternoons are just the opposites.

There are only two ways to deal with summer- enjoy to the fullest or stay in your air-conditioned room with Netflix and no 'chill'.

And, you are going to live only ones so better enjoy your days.

Well, here is a list of must-haves if you choose to get out of your room and do something!


Accessories to Take on a Summer Trip

Here are a few things you should never forget while going on a summer trip:


1. Water Bottles

Not a plastic one, remember that (save the turtles!). 

Always carry a water bottle. You are going to sweat a lot, stay hydrated so that you do not faint.


2. Sunscreen


Sunscreen is very important for summer and honestly, throughout the year, protect your skin from the UV rays!

Apply sunscreen even if you are not going out, you don't want to deal with a bad skin disease when you are old. Always carry sunscreen in your bag. Choose the SPF according to the temperature and humidity of your location.


3. Waterproof Makeup


It is better if you go for minimal makeup. Don't go overboard with the foundation and concealer, let your skin breath. 

Do use waterproof eyeliners, brow gels, mascaras and whatever makeup products you prefer. Keep it light and simple.


4. Hats


Use hats or umbrellas to protect your head from the scornful heat of the sun.

In my opinion, an umbrella is too much work, it is better to go for hats. Hats will protect you from the heat and they are also a fashion statement. Hence, stylish and useful.


5. Shades


To protect your eyes and also to look in vogue.

Always remember to make sure that the sunglasses frame goes well with the shape of your face. You don't want to end up looking like a bee or an alien!

Another thing to remember is, do not go for colorful sunglasses. In summer your sunglasses are more than just your accessories. Stick to the classic black or brown.


Comfortable Outfits you can Try in Summer

Darling, you are going to sweat like a big if you end up making the wrong fashion choice during summer! And you do not want that, no one wants that!

Do not go for any heavy clothing. Keep it easy-breezy. If you want to relax and keep it cool then get rid of the denim for the time being.  


1. Skirts

    Ditch your skin-tight jeans this summer and go for an item of more comfortable clothing, skirts. A flowy skirt, nothing too tight. It can be long or short or midi. Try bright colors like yellow and orange.


    2. Shorts & Shrugs


    Shorts are wardrobe essentials during summer and shrugs are no less. A sheer lightweight shrug will make your outfit look good and also protect your hands from getting a sunburn. 


    3. Dress


    Summer dresses are honestly so hot. You already know that the maxi dresses are the new trend and that's not even a big surprise, I mean every girl looks so pretty in a long slit dress. 


    4. Tops


    Camis, crop tops, loose t-shirts or something flowy should be your go-to for every summer.  Cotton is the best fabric for summer.


    5. Flats


    Sneakers or anything that cover your feet is a big no for summer. Try slippers or simple open flats that will allow your feet to breath.



    Add all the above mention items to your list asap! Make sure you carry a bag big enough (backpack over a slingback, I mean come on!) to hold a medium-sized water bottle, your hat, shades, and sunscreen. Don't go out if the heat is too much then you might get a heatstroke. Enjoy your summer but also take the safety measure needed as per.

    Also, remember to carry a handkerchief or facial wipes (which is suitable for your skin). Drink water at a regular interval. This summer, if you are going to concerts, besides carrying a water bottle carry a packet of biscuit (just in case) and also, make sure you carry a portable charger and take care of your belongings in the crowd.


    Have a lot of fun and a wish you a happy summer!
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