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Plus Size Fashion Guide

Fashion has moved forward. It is thinking beyond the line of skinny models, it is thinking 'body inclusive'. 2019 is the time when we are seeing the fashion industry making changes, thinking about everyone and every body type.

The brands putting X from one to six on their runways, campaigning girls that are not skinny or a size zero and with people all over the world encouraging this new era we could see the decrease in the rate of body shaming. 2019 was the ultimate year of fashion evolution, and we saw the rise of plus-size fashion.


The business of plus size fashion

Finally, the time has begun where if a brand is not body inclusive, then they are out of business. Just look at the fall of Victoria's Secret. This year the annual fashion show got cancelled because they are not profiting much and with the passing year the views of their fashion show broadcast have been decreasing, it is all because they denied being 'body inclusive'. 

Meanwhile, Rihana's SavageXFenty fashion show set a different height of body inclusivity. 

SavageXFenty Fashion Show 2019

The SavageXFenty took the plus size lingerie fashion to a whole new level. (FYI the show is available on amazon prime).

Besides, many other brands introduce plus size fashion in 2019.

Here is a list you should check if you are looking for some cute clothes: 

● Alala

● American Eagle Outfitters

● Anthropologie

● Apiece Apart

● Athleta

● Diane von Furstenberg

● Draper James

● For Love & Lemons

● Harper Wilde

● Rebecca Minkoff

● Reformation

● Veronica beard

● Vineyard Vines


Plus-Size Models


Ashley Graham

Even two-three years ago, it was hard to imagine that plus-size models would exist. The society made us believe that if you are a little chubby, then you do not fit in the idea of ideal body type. This was just absurd. Not only this discouraged young women to be themselves also it brought in a lot of insecurities and anxieties in oneself. However, times have changed plus-size models are working on the runway and making a statement. 

You should check out these plus-size models and their works: 

● Candice Huffine

● Tara Lynn

● Denise Bidot

● Emme

● Ashley Graham



You probably follow a ton of fashion models, skinny fashion bloggers but if you are not following any of these following fashion bloggers, then you are missing on something great.

● Jessica Torres

● Lauren Nicole

● Charlotte Bella Fab

● Molly Clutts

● Sierra Holmes

● Stefani Nicole

● Chloe Elliott

● Ragini R

● Raeann Langas

● Mona Seddeek

These ladies are not only showing us their beauty and fashion skills but also influencing us regarding things that matter. We all know that Instagram plays a vital role in the beauty and the fashion industry; without this platform, these ladies could not have encouraged body positivity.

It was these beautiful and gorgeous ladies (and many more) who made us believe that plus-size women can also run the fashion industry and that plus-size women can also be models. 

It is a matter of shame that there are people who bully and calls name and shame the people who do not fit their idea of beauty. People need to understand that beauty does not mean a specific body type; beauty is what lies within a person. It is incredible how so many body activists like supermodel Ashley Graham herself is coming forward and talking about this matter.

Some people like to believe that the plus-size fashion trend should not be out there. They think that the influencers are trying to portray the message that it is okay to be obese, and it is okay to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. What they are failing to understand is that it is not about leading an unhealthy lifestyle, but accepting yourself and loving yourself and not feeling bad by comparing ourselves with the beauty standard our society was set.

These people do not understand that a chubby person is not just obese; sometimes, it is genetic, and it is not even unhealthy. Sometimes fit, and healthy people are also chubby and curvy, and they do not deserve to be called names. 

It is very delightful to see how celebrities are supporting and how renowned fashion brands are upgrading themselves. Fashion has expanded from a regular 'no food' diet model to plus size. There was a time when all the plus-size girls used to complain about how they do not get any cute kinds of stuff to wear but good news for them, brands like Reformation are changing the game.


  1. Embrace that cute Belly.

  2. Find the balance between tight and fitted.

  3. You can always go for a pencil skirt.

  4. Also find the right shoes.

  5. Must have good accessories.



Fashion does not stop with just one body type it is beyond that. Being a plus-size human being is not a matter of shame. Be proud of yourself. Stay healthy and happy and most importantly love yourself.

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