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16 Ravishing Outfits For College.

Trust me when I say this, I know the struggle of looking fabulous while being broke. Ugh, college days! Finding a perfect 'college outfit' every day for three years straight is not an easy job. 

Besides all the study pressure, due dates and deadlines, the only thing that gave us a little ray of sunshine (except the cutie in the other department) was dressing up. For some of us, every day was a fashion week. However, the struggle was real when the number of clothes you own is less than the days in the calendar.

Fear not pretty ladies, let me help you out with some college outfits ideas to slay your college life.

The Mood-board:

  • Sleep? Who?

  • Breakfast? Long-time no see!

  • Pressure? Too much!

  • But Outfit? Has to be on point. Duh!


1. Lazy.



Some of you have given up on looking good in college. The only thing you focus on is grade, and trust me, it is fine, and if anyone says otherwise, ignore them. 

For you, lazy beans, casual denim pants or joggers paired up with a comfy cami top is perfect. I know the dress code! Hence, layer it up with a shirt or a light jacket.

Sneakers or slippers (if allowed in your college) are your go-to. So before college starts after the summer break, make sure you get a excellent quality slipper or sneaker that will accompany you at least for two years straight (cause, I know you do not have time to focus on your shoes every day!). 


2. Formal.



For the ones whose style is slightly on the formal side, honestly, this fashion era is all yours. Trouser pants, cord pants... I mean, there are so many options! Just a year ago, the formal style had only three color options black white and grey, but thank god, fashion moved on! We have different colors, and not only that, but we also have beautiful patterns of checks as well. And, sling bags always go perfectly with this kind of look.


3. Happy-go-lucky.



If you are the bubbly one of the class, you know this mood board is for you. Love for summer, bright colors, sunshine, and rainbows.You like it flowy and breezy. Pants are fine, but sometimes you prefer skirts more. Everyday denim or just a usual skirt paired up with a bright color top is just so cute, especially if paired up with a cute sandal and a backpack.


4. Casual.



9 a.m. classes are a bummer. You take your coffee and books and run! No time for a shower or even breakfast, max a protein bar is what you munch on the way to your class. Most importantly, you don't have time to look good, and it is okay, grades should be your number one priority and then college parties (jk). 

Anyway, after the first day of college everyday becomes the day of survival and sometimes it is more than enough if you have managed to change your pajamas and into regular clothes. This category is for you when you don't care too much but a little.

A cool tee with your go-to jeans and maybe not white shoes, add some colors to add colors in your monotone college life. 


5. Basic yet, Nah!



When your style is basic, but you are already bored with the classic denim jacket style and the typical shoes. Why not change them a bit? Get a colored jacket. I know neon is the trend now, but honestly, it is too much for college. Get a yellow or maroon and pair them up with your casual tees. Wear combat boots in place of casual boring sneakers.


6. Kawai.



What a time to live! With Mangas and Anime and now K-pops all around. Dear otakus, you know this is for you. Nothing screams ‘Kawai’ more than a cute overall over a graphic tee. Pair your cute outfit with sneakers or ankle-length boot and a small backpack to complete your look.


7. Lazy but in October-November.



This time of the month sucks for you. Half of the country is busy prepping for or already celebrating some festival, and you are in your dorm room, dragging yourself somehow for your 9 a.m. class. You are getting hardly two hours of sleep, and over the top, the nice cozy blanket and your bed feel like your true love, and it is a real pain to get out of the bed in the morning. 

But you gotta do whatcha gotta do! 

Get some comfy jackets and autumn and then fall, it is cozy weather, wear your cozy joggers, stay warm! Wear slippers if you want or slip-on shoes.


8. Simple.



This outfit screams, 'the girl from Texas' I know! But some of us secretly love this style. Doesn't it remind you of Tessa Young from After? Her style was so simple yet so cute and stylish. 

A cute body-con dress with a denim jacket or even a shirt, a sling bag, and some cute cover-up shoes.


9. Chic.



Queen Bee, pink is your mantra. You like to keep it classy and chic, and yes, you know it, college is your runway. Gorgeous sweaters, with skin-tight jeans and high heels. 


10. Winter Casual.



Hoodies are the best part of winter.Get your hands on as many hoodies you can during the summer when all the winter clothes are on sale. Trust me; you will need the hoodies.

Please don't get the generic black hoodie; buy them in three different colors, at least!



Styling on a budget is hard but not unattainable! Here are a few tricks for you:

1. Watch out for sales.

2. Some apps give student discounts.

3. Customize your old tees.

4. DIY your old jeans.

5. At least keep one basic sneaker handy.

6. A jacket is a must!



I hope you have a great year! Do not stress yourself too much. Do not take the class if you do not want to. Try to maintain a healthy sleep-diet cycle. A healthy brain functions better than an exhausted pigeon.


 I hope these mood boards help you in figuring out outfits for the year. 

Do not overthink about how you look; keep it simple but cool. Prioritize your grades, that's what will matter in the end!


All the best. 


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