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Top 10 Trending Salwar Suits


Salwar suits are sometimes called salwar kameez or salwar kurta or Punjabi suit, Primarily because it has been worn in certain cultures. It's a traditionally worn dress in Central Asia, South Asia. Salwar suits were brought to Central Asia by Muslims around the 13th century. 


Salwaar is like balloon pants worn to cover your legs so on the upper part of the body you can tie it with a string. However, modern versions do have hooks in it or quite often an elastic band to keep it on your waist. Salwaar have been a part of and continue to be amongst West Asian man, Central Asia and South Asia. 

As far as the kurta is, it's tunic-like top worn with a salwar. It has open side seams from an inch below the waistline. The kurta can have a stand collar, mandarin collar or maybe collarless. At present, it has various shapes such as straight kurta, Anarkali, short kurta A-line kurtas are the most popular amongst women at present. And unlike earlier times, when kurtas were bound by religion, most Indian women today use it as significant fashion clothing.

Below Are Latest Trends In Salwar Suits. 

 1) Embroidered Salwar suits 



Embroidered clothes have been a part of clothing ever since ancient times and in all the cultures. Embroidered salwar suits look beautiful and are great to wear but only for parties. However, with embroidery, various patterns can be applied to them so that they could be used as significant office wear too. Like there's chicken embroidery, really lightweight and easy to carry, and it suits come embroidered whereas the salwar is left plain.

Then there is lucknowi embroidery, and the Kurtis or suits come embroidered with thick threads either on cotton or on thin georgette. They look beautiful and are good to be worn on many occasions. Then there is Kashmiri Embroidery, mainly on woollen clothes, these are available in sale markets in Delhi and all across the country or they can be bought from a Kashmiri store. 


2) Straight Kurta, Pants and Salwar




Straight kurtas have been in fashion since the 2000s. They are famous because of the straight cut they have when you wear it appears straight. Straight kurtas have become quite popular in the workspace and are becoming a major fashion sensation amongst women. One of the best things with straight kurtas is that you can wear them with Pants of ankle length or full length too and they look adorable. Straight kurtas just don't come plain but in various prints, embroidery and embellishments depending upon the occasion you are buying for. 


3) Layered Kurta, salwar and churidar



Layered kurtas are not a modern invention as people have thought about it. Layered kurtas have been popular from old times. Today they are just available in a reformed form. Like there's a knee-length kurta with two layers, one inner side plain layer and the other one is embroidered, and in some cases, the lower is embroidered. The upper layer is printed so there are many styles like that available in the market and you can buy whichever suits you.

And as far as the slits are considered, they are either tucked together or have fashionable strings to tie them to tighten the kurta. Sometimes the base kurta is a frock kurta, and above it, straight kurta is placed to complete the look. It is your choice whether you choose to wear salwar churidar or pant which one looks more suitable in better with it should be your choice. 


4) Pathani Kurta with Shalwar, Pants and Leggings. 




Pathani kurtas have been fashionable for quite a while now. They are smart and sophisticated. Pathani kurtas have a long designer yoke attached or embroidered on the cloth itself with buttons, and the essential part is a standing collar. Because of this collar, they are straight cut. So one can say that straight kurta has evolved from Pathani suits. 


5) Patiala suit 



Yes, Punjabis traditionally wear a Patiala suit. In this suit, the shalwar is baggier than the normal salwars we wear. And the kurta is an inch above your knees with slits starting below the waist. Now it depends on you that how much creative you get and you can design your Kurti in a new way. Patiala suits have been famous from about 2000s. Quiet after the Kurti has around the hemline. 


6) Ankle Length Anarkalis with Churidar and Leggings 



Anarkali suits have a lot of plates in them which gives it a lot of flairs and is excellent for parties and evening the ankle-length Anarkali is a new version of the same Anarkali suit that was quite popular during the nineties. We saw the 90s actresses wearing Anarkali suits with salwar, but with the reformation taking place Anarkali suits are now worn with leggings or churidar.

And earlier the length was only below the knees now these Anarkali suits are available up to the ankle-length and even floor-length the floor-length suits are primarily used as evening wear. Anarkali Kurti is fitted on the chest area and left loose just below it. 


7) Salwar Kurti With Jackets or Shrugs 



No matter come, what may we Indians never leave a new fashion untouched. And one such new trend is that of wearing a jacket with salwar Kurti. However, this is more like a transformed form of Patiala suits with jackets that were popular in the 90s. However, the same fashion is back in the 21st century without much more transformed way now you can style your suit with a shrug or a tube top and a salwar or a pant whichever suits you better. 


8) High - Low Kurti with salwar Churidar or Leggings


Wonder you could wear your favourite dress like a Kurti yes it is possible nowadays there are high low Kurtis like the high low dress order even called as an even Kurtis, so they have a wide variety of cuts, and those cuts are at the lower hemline of the kurta giving at the shape of a high low Kurti. Mostly women wear this kind of Kurti with churidar leggings however if its relative shot put the, then you can also style it with a salwar. 


9) Printed Salwar Kurta 



Printed salwar suits are the most common type of salwar suits worn by girls and women of all age because of their excellent fabric and low prices these kurtas are bought extensively by women all across India. Most prints are available on cotton fabric; however now we do see silk and georgette with prints too. But cotton ones remain to be any women's top priority primarily because it can be worn for a long time without any discomfort. Most famous prints include Bagh from Madhya Pradesh and 


10) Lace Salwar Suit 



Lace cloth is becoming quite a popular day by day. Because of its patterns and intricate details, it's clothing materials such as gowns and Sarees have become quite popular. So how could they not be a part of salwar suits? The good thing is you can buy the fabric easily and get a salwar suit out of it.



5 Bonus Tips For Salwar Suit


  1. Don't wear Anarkali suit if you are going to drive your bike/scooter, because even ankle-length ones can get caught in your shoes and increase the chances of being in an accident. 

  2. Nowadays leggings are in fashion instead of a salwar, and if you choose to wear it, then you make sure you buy a right fabric because the ones available cheap have a terrible fabric that can cause you rashes and itching.

  3. When you are buying a kurta be sure to buy it at least an inch lose because they often shrink.

  4. You can get a Jacket made at a much cheaper rate than buying.

  5. If you choose to wear some jewellery, make sure you wear it in the end. Otherwise, jewellery can spoil the whole fabric.

  6. Try to buy those kinds of salwar suits that you can mix and match with other outfits to give yourself a more changed look. 



Salwar suits were and continue to be a part of women's fashion in India and abroad as well. Because of their colourful appeal and comfort, they have been adopted by various women in India as daily wear. However, they are also a suitable evening wears too. And then at the end, it's your freedom how you dress and whose inspiration you follow.

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