Trending Fashion Styles for Men

20+ Unique & Trending Fashion Styles for Men

It is always necessary for a man to make his own style statement. Some trends are classic and stay over the years, never fading out. Some just happen to become a trend out of thin air because of some celebrity or a lot of people may have started wearing it. Your fashion statement becomes an identity of your own, so you must always define what you wear by who you are as an individual. Here are a few styles that have been classics or have caught on in recent times. 


9 Best Trending Styles for Men

Here are some trending outfit styles that men can try out in 2020.


1. Denim Jeans

Jeans have always been around and are a statement for casuals. Jeans are comfortable and make life pretty easy for men since there’s not much to do when you need to match it with your outfit. Over the years, several variations have appeared and adaptations have been made which are rather appealing. 


2. Watches 

Watches have always been an integral part of men’s fashion statement as they are normally associated with status and prosperity. Timepieces have always been regarded as conversation starters because they are one of the first things anyone notices in a man. From luxury timepieces to vintage watches and a pocket-watch, they have never been out of fashion and have always been considered to be one of the best additions to a man’s style statement.


3. Vintage Checks 

There has been a rapid growth in the number of men wearing casual suits that display checks. Most of these are colors like grey, black or silver and stand out prominently. They are appearing on suits, hats, socks ad even trousers. What’s more, is that it even caught on to formal overcoats, something we would have never expected, but there’s no saying what people find attractive these days. 


4. Padded Clothing 

People really dig the essence of comfort these days and clothes with a soft texture and padding provide a lot of comforts. While some are ideal only for winters due to the thickness, some styles can be mixed and worn during the summers or spring too. 


5. Sportswear 

Earlier, sportswear was restricted to certain types of tracks and certain material. Nowadays people indulge themselves in spandex clothing along with many other mismatched outfits for sports. Not only that, people casually wear these to restaurants, meetings, etc just for the sake of a casual look.


6. Military Outfits

Over the world, there has been an increase in the number of men wearing camouflage to make a style statement. There is a certain amount of masculinity attached to it, which seems attractive to the women so why not? Other than that, there’s a wide number of styles that can be matched with military colors. Along with aviator sunglasses, military outfits would boost your confidence and make you appear like a boss in front of your friends or colleagues. 


7. Vintage Looks 

What appears to us as new fashion trends have but always been a cycle. About 50 years after a style has been out of fashion, it comes back into fashion with a few tweaks here and there. Modern fashion is now revamping old styles with new types of materials and giving men a more suave and retro look. Odd outfits like turtlenecks, suspenders, loose hanging trousers, and other such trends come back without a warning. 


8. Mismatch

What appears to be a complete mismatch of all sorts of colors in clothing, is a growing trend these days. There are no bounds, no restrictions as to what you can wear to express yourself. The main motive nowadays is to feel confident in whatever you are wearing and you’ll actually be able to pull it off. Carrying yourself well despite others criticizing you is what counts these days. Many celebrities wear the oddest outfits these days but still manage to garner the attention of people and instead of criticism, they are widely applauded for the sheer confidence. 


9. Cross-Body Bags or Sling Bags

Bags and storage equipment have lately become a necessity for people to show their superiority in fashion. Several variations of sling bags have come out despite the contrary criticism that it would look feminine and men would not be able to adapt to the change in fashion. Later on, after the trend developed and caught the attention of people, it proved to be a very useful accessory for men. Sling bags made of leather, cloth, plastic, etc have been launched into the market and have been widely accepted all over the world.


20 Unique Styles to try out in 2020

Here are 20 unique fashion styles for men to try out in 2020:

  1. Round Neck Tshirt

  2. Pique Tshirt

  3. Wool Blazer

  4. Denim Jackets

  5. Jumpers

  6. Bombers

  7. Leather Jackets

  8. Shirt & Trousers

  9. Semi-Formal Outfit

  10. Tshirt with Blazer

  11. Trench Coats

  12. Quilted Jackets

  13. Sleeveless Hoodies

  14. Printed Sweaters

  15. Joggers

  16. Tshirt Kurta

  17. Denim Shorts

  18. Chinos

  19. Suspenders

  20. Sandos & Shorts



The fast-moving world of fashion and trends does not stop for anyone. So, in order to keep yourself updated and have your very own style statement, it is important to know what people appreciate these days. To have a better understanding of how fashion works, it is always possible to use the hit and trial method for your own styles. Shopping for a few products like these will keep you updated and in trend.

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