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Best Party Outfits - When? Where? And What to Wear?


The season of parties is on the way be it Diwali, bachelorette, freshers, farewell, Christmas, etc. We all are very much excited about the parties. Some of us start dreaming about how we will look and how to enjoy the party with dance, drinks, music, and fun too. Many of us got stuck on the idea of what we should wear to a particular party. So, don’t stress too much. Here are some of the best party outfit ideas you can follow to look more gorgeous and have stunning looks. Let’s get started to rock the party outfit.


Things to remember when going out

These things you should remember while going out for a party:


1. Know the Occasion

Going to a theme party and wearing wedding outfits. It will not work. so, before choosing any outfit to know what the occasion is you are going to attend a party. knowing the occasion before and then deciding will give you confidence about what you are wearing and you don't have to feel low while carrying your outfit.  

2. Retro Party

90’s theme party or Bollywood night, they are all about net saree, bell-bottoms, striped shirts, body fit dresses, chokers, shorts, loose pants coupled with Scarff bands. This is all you need for a Bollywood theme party.

You can couple any of these three things together, say bellbottoms with a crop top and choker or shorts with striped t-shirts along with a scarf band and you are ready to rock the floor. These tiny big things are in your closet, as the trend is making its way back. Pair accordingly and make your way elegantly to the retro theme party.


3. Cocktail party


The cocktail party is not all about drinks and dance. It's more about live music, games, and fun as well. A-line dresses, blouson dress bandeau dress paired with stilettos and clutch with give you a stunning look. A messy bun or curls will add more grace to the look. If you are not comfortable with pencil or high heels, wedges can also work giving you a perfect look. You are ready to hit the party.


4. Weddings or Ceremonies


Lehengas, floor-length suits, gowns. this is what we picturise about weddings and ceremonies. Go for darker shades for a clear complexion and toner shades for a medium complexion, this will give you a more perfect look. Instead of wearing too heavy lehengas wear the one light in weight coupled with a shiny clutch and heavy earrings. Another way round you can choose your blouse to be heavy and lehenga a light one and pair with high heels, wedges and a pair of stylish earrings. This will give more wedding ready and stunning looks. carry your outfit with grace and show it elegantly.


5. Pool Parties


Loud music, sunbathe swimming pool, mocktails, and beer. The pool party is all about it. Go for shorts paired with a floral print top, cold shoulder or off-shoulder tops will give you a cool look. Floral dress paired with slippers, if you want to go inside the pool, then swimsuit or bikini and coverups should be with you. make sure to wear easy to dry clothes. Big hat with sneakers paired with blue shorts and cold shoulder top and shades will give you a pool party look.


6. Club Party


Live music, snacks, light shows, four more shots, champagne- a perfect nightlife to party and enjoy. Distressed jeans with cropped mini top or tank top with canvas shoes will give you a more casual but stylish look, denim skirt with a body fit top and a sling bag paired with stilettos, big earrings, messy bun or straight hair, high heel shoes with distressed shorts and a round neck plain top. You can choose any of the combinations to slay your night outlook.


7. Formal Parties


Tube, sheath, a-line, pencil-shaped dresses paired with a high ponytail, a bun or loose hair with high stilettos or wedges, a good handbag, and nude makeup will add a perfect look for formal parties and conferences.


8. Casual Parties


Distressed jeans with a crop top, maxi dress or party dress paired with converse shoes will give your casual look a better look for the party.


9. Bachelorette Parties


Going to a bachelorette party is fun as you can do a lot of fun there will be all your mates. Music, dance, video, some old memories, little nostalgia. Wearing a red gown or front short back long kind of dress, crop top with distressed jeans, tube or sheath dress with straight or curly hair paired with chokers, high heels or platform heels. So, you are ready to be on the red carpet of your bachelor mate party.


10. Ballroom Party


Attending a ball party makes you feel like a princess or Mr. prince charming. Wearing a ball gown, Cinderella gown with high pom tops and the high bun will give you a complete ball party look.


11. Christmas Party


Christmas is on the way. wearing a red-colored dress, black jeans with a high kneck sweater paired with a red jacket and long shoes will add grace to your Christmas look.


    Party ready in five minutes

    Ways to get ready in just five minutes:

    1. Know occasion

    2. Don’t dress too much.

    3. Keep it simple.

    4. Add elegance to your outfit.

    5. Add a good pair of shoes with your outfit.

    6. Be confident.

    7. Have fun!!

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