About Us

We are a company that does things differently...

First Company In INDIA who provides innovative Merchandise Solution to corporate & Startup.

Started in 2016 by 3 engineers, we have managed to take the world by storm. Our path-breaking approach to creativity has helped over 500+ brands & IT corporates across INDIA with vision to go global in growing their business with highly impactful merchandise solution from design to product creation & packaging.

Now, we are strategically venturing into “tech merchandizing”. We believe there are more innovative ways to create custom apparel in the 21st century. We are expanding our range of services to serve customers of all sizes, from an order of 1 piece to thousands of piece.

Armed with frenetic energy and open minds, we come to work every day with the prime objective of producing impact across three core business areas: Interaction design, digital marketing, and branding & communications through our merchandise.


Our Vision


Our Mission


  • Make beautiful and meaningful products.
  • Experts in t-shirt and apparel manufacturing.
  • Building a design focused and friendly team that is tech oriented.
  • To offer seamless online customer experience.
  • Focused on ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing.
  • To be the first company in INDIA to make sustainable fabric manufacturing affordable to all.


Thank you for believing in us, and welcome to the revolution.

Corporate Clients