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10 Magnificent Must-Have Looks From Movies And Shows.



We all had a dream like that.

So who does not want to look like a movie star? As children or even as adults, we have been watching television and getting influenced by it, and also, when we are grown-ups, we continue to do so. As a grown, I love dressing up and being as perfect as the character of Bree. Van de Kamp from Desperate Housewives.


The reason behind this influence.

The reason why we get influenced by what we see is that they are flashy things presented with flare. We are continuously following these people on YouTube, Insta, twitter posts that these people upload. And so much so that at one time comes when we worship them and idealize them and want to follow, their fashion, routine, even relationship patterns and a lot more.


A thin line between them all.

There's just a thin line between the following somebody and being obsessed with somebody's life. You have to understand that this is your life, and even though you are following someone else's routine, diet, exercise by being influenced or inspired by them. But submerging yourself into the kind of life they lead, is pure stupidity and a psychological issue. But today's topic is not about being obsessed with those clothes, but it's about that one must-have looks from movies and TV shows.


Here are some must-have looks.


1. The Pink Bodycon Dress - Monica Geller From Friends.



Not just the pink dress but also various other dresses and looks that she wore are quite popular nowadays. But her pink bodycon with a flatten V deep neck is a total rock for any woman today. It can be worn at office parties, dinner, dates, you name the occasion, and we've got it. To complete this look, you can simply add up small tops to your ears. And a pair of black pencil heels.


2. The Mint Green Dress - Rachel Green - From Friends.



Throughout the series of friends, many looks reflected that Rachel green's dressing sense was amazing. In the episode where Ross was supposed to get an award, and everybody is late. We see her at the end in a beautiful full length mixed fabric gown. The good thing is that designing a gown like her is very easy and quite cost-effective. With this, she wore silver platform heels and a great stroll to go by her hands, so that they don't look empty.


3. The Red Bridesmaids Dress - Monica Geller From Friends.



We all remember Ross's three weddings and especially his second one with Emily. But when we laughed about the things that happened in the episode, we couldn't help but admire. One of the best things about that episode was Monica's red bridesmaid dress she had added with it a beaded necklace and long hanging earrings.


4. The Pink Satin Bodycon Dress -Bree van de Kamp - Desperate Housewives.



We remember her as the perfect housewife from wisteria lane. And her way of dressing was considered as great as her baking. In this simple pink satin dress, she manages to look beautiful. And you can too. With this, she added a brooch and a sweater. That's called creating a perfect look. Now you can create one look like her also and have some fun, still, look perfect. She added a pearl necklace with the same earrings and golden heels to complete her view. Like a lady that she has always been.


5. Fitted Jeans and Red Coat - Gabriel Solis from - Desperate Housewives.



We remember her as the notorious and funny model turned housewife. In this fitted blue jeans and a fluffy red coat, she shows how we can pull off the two together. Because no matter how hard we try, some looks don't work for us. With this, she added regular black heels. Well, we can take a lot of inspiration from her and make a look like that, of course, we can wear a blue coat, white heels, and dark blue jeans.


6. Single Strip Tube Top, Black Pencil Skirt and Black coat - Jessica Summers From Perfect Match, a hallmark romance. 



Someone who has had a glimpse of the hallmark channel would know the beauty and simplicity with which hallmark portrays an emotion. If you ever wondered what should you wear office daily, now you wouldn't have to think. As Danika McKellar has the perfect office looks for you. You can pick up any top of your choice to wear it with a coat and a skirt with black stockings and heels.


7. Summer Styles - The other women.



It's often confusion about what should you wear on a hot summer day. In one of the scenes of the movie The other women, we see all the three girls Amber, Carly, and Kate, dressed in some beautiful colors. Amber wore a see-through white top with shorts, which is ideal if you are at home. Carly wore ankle Length pants with a leopard print thin velvet top. And kate in a beautiful printed skirt and yellow top. So you don't have to go dressing like this. But you can always take inspiration from what they are wearing. However, the three women wore such good clothes that anyone would want them. They are casual, chic, comfortable, and stylish. While Amber and Carly take up modern looks, Kate wore the famous style we used as children, but she knows how to rock it.


8. Wrap Dress with Jeans - Layla in A December Bride.



Ever wondered if you could actually wear your favorite jeans and wrap dress together. Well, if it's winters, obviously then you are not looking for a chiffon dress. A wollen wrap dress of any color with your favorite jeans during winters and boots to complete your looks.


9. Fine Knitted Grey fit and flare Dress with a shrug - Kathleen Kelly- You've got mail.



We all remember the romance of Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly, but today we are not talking about their chemistry, but about her dressing sense, it was amazing. This dress she wore in the last scene where she goes to meet Mr. NY152. It's quite an amazing pick for first dates, for winters and even an evening. You can find a dress like this in a nearby store, or if you are not looking for knitted fabric, then a pure cotton grey fabric would be a great replacement. She also added a grey shrug with it, and you can too.


10. Black Small Polka Dot Dress with Blue Coat - Adaline - The Age of Adaline.



In this blockbuster movie, many look touched on a woman's heart. And especially the way Blake lively carried them with lots of confidence. The one that I have chosen is her Bluecoat and Black Polka Dot Dress. She looks stunning. And the good part is that recreating this look is not very difficult. All the clothes used are very readily available in the market.

Bonus Tips.

  1. Don't copy exactly what is mentioned in the pictures, you must remain true to your personality.

  2. When trying to take a look out of your favorite character and movies make sure, you don't let anyone interfere with it.

  3. The look that you take up must suite the situation.

  4. The most important thing is that you must be comfortable in the look.

  5. Be confident with what you wear.



All I can say is that it's your dressing game, what you wear and what you get designed must be designed according to your senses. It should not happen that you buy a look just because you love that character. You must love yourself in those clothes.

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