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10 Striking Gowns For Every Occasion.

Gowns have a long history starting from the 17th century. The gown is derived from an Anglo Saxon word gunna, which means that a garment worn from knee up to floor-length and the veil extending 8 to 10 inches more.

And during this time, it applied to both men and women. Later on, the word has evolved to be specifically used only for women's clothing that constituted a bodice and a skirt.

Gowns for every occasion does not mean we'll be discussing different types of gowns; people often mix the two. But definitely according to parties, we need different outfits and what better than a gown.

They come in chiffon, tulle, net, lace, satin, etc. and are of various styles such as A-line, trumpet, fish cut, sheath, dropped waist and empire waist, etc. So below you can find gowns for every occasion that comes in your way, you wouldn't have to think much. 


Here Is The List!

1. Katrina Kaif Baby Pink Gown from Tiger Zinda Hai For Wedding Sangeet. 



It's not sure thing who liked which scenes of the movie, but definitely what all girls could not help but admire was the pink gown that she wore in the song Dil Diyan Gallan. The good thing is that you wear this gown for your Sangeet dance, or maybe to a friend's wedding. The gown is beautiful and has a heart shape embroidered bodice. It's more like a ball gown, and you'll have to get it designed adequately at a boutique, which will give you that exact fitting.

2. Marcia Cross Georgette Printed Maxi for everyday use. 



Yes, we all remember her as the perfect housewife Bree Van De Camp, from Desperate Housewives. Be it the show or an event, and she always seems to surprise her fans with her fashion and way of dressing herself. Although she used this heart-shaped maxi for a formal occasion. You can also wear it 40 parties for a picnic for first dates and even beach days out. You name the occasion, and this gown could be worn. This is more like a girl's best friend, and they can wear it anytime they wish, even ideal for wearing it daily.


3. Empire Waist for Lunch Parties.



Empire waist has been famous for long amongst women of all eras. It forms an exact shape under your bra line. Empire waist is Ideal for afternoon lunch, first date, shopping, house party, etc. Empire waist flaunts your bosoms in a very flashy manner, therefore making it the choice for bold women.

4. Eva Longoria Black Mermaid Gown for Wedding Reception.



Most of us are confused what to wear for our reception, especially in today's world, when we have the responsibility of choosing at least five outfits for our wedding. This mermaid gown will good on anybody regardless of color and association. Eva's gown has an extra touch as so that; it has an off-shoulder and front knot with giving it a more daring look than just a usual black. This is for the non traditional or a woman who's not afraid to try something new.


5. Felicity Huffman's Ivory and Beige Shimmer Studded Gown for New year's, Office Parties, and Bridesmaids gown.



We remember her as an award-winning housewife from the famous Desperate Housewives. At one of the award functions, she wore this adorable, broad V neck gown, ideal for her figure. Taking inspiration from her dress, you can design your version of her gown at a local boutique for way lesser amount. And the best part you can also get it embroidered around the neck so that you don't need a necklace.


6. Marcia Cross Vera Wang Purple Gown for conferences and day meetings. 



Marcia Cross presented herself with ultimate flare in this Vera Wang gown. It's a Crisscross gown with deep long V neck and good enough for any conference parties you attend and meetings during the day. Now we are not in a state to spend $5000 -7000, but we can spend 5000-10000 at a local boutique and see if they can design for us a gown like hers.


7. Eva Longoria's Red Gown For Christmas Dinners and Local Events.



Eva Longoria's Red Gown is quite similar to that of Marcia Cross's gown. The difference is that the knots and crosses made are a little bit different and offcourse the designers. And she added a long sharp V neck in front and back, that flaunts her chest very well. You can wear it on a regular date, an office party from your husband's side, any local charity event, an exhibition or a school or college events of your children.


8. Ankle Length Gown for Tea Parties, Prom nights, Shopping, Dinner, etc.



Ankle-length gowns are significant sensations amongst women of all ages, probably because they are less flared and easy to move and wear for long days, travel, etc. And their length makes them appropriate for Tea Parties, even prom nights, and shopping and dinner are two places where you don't have to think before wearing it.


9.The Traditional Indian Gown.



It's true with us Indians that we love coloring the world trends in our colors and suite it to our needs. The Indian Traditional Gown is similar to that of western gowns, but the difference is that of fabric, sleeves, embroidery, and flare of the skirt, which is medium. They are also a kind of A-line Gowns.


10. A-line Gown for casual outings and at home wear.



So you decided to spend some hours doing what you love the most. Then what better than an A-line Gown. They give you an exact fitting on your chest and leave enough space for the legroom so that you feel comfortable. Occasionally these gowns could be worn for casual outings like a visit to a cafe, a walk across the street, or some good time in your balcony.


Bonus steps to dress properly and look classy.


  1. Any dress mentioned above will look good on you when you have a proper posture.

  2. While in any of these gowns or others, do not cross your arms in front or at the back, leave your chest area open and if you feel like a mannequin, then hold a handbag.

  3. And when you walk, have a feeling in mind that you are looking the best you could in this outfit.

  4. For the above points to work, your outfit must be designed according to your body.

  5. Ideally, you should go for contrast colors according to your skin codes.

  6. If it's winters, you can very easily add a pashmina shawl or a fur wrap with a brooch.



If you feel that the above article is set only for skinny bodies, you are wrong; you have a great body and posture too. All you need to do is find an outfit that suits you. Because frankly, I can not say that clothes will look good on you in a bent posture. You need to have one, and then you are all set to go.

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