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4 Unique Ways To Try Sneakers With Dress Combinations in 2020

Hey, are you the ones who like to brag their shopping bags on social media? Or you are the local fashion blogger of your area which is the typical trending way in which teenagers are acting on social media. No, I am not going to lecture on social media and today’s generation. What I want to remind you is that summers are around the corner and if you want to save yourself from the typical summer morning where you are confused between fashion and comfort, then scroll down, this article is for you. 

Slip-on, canvas, authentic and athletic kicks are your new best friends, SNEAKERS are your new best friends. Because your fashion icons are nailing their casual looks with them. So, a guy now I feel the summer of 2020 is your season where you are going to nail your casual look like a pro.


Cool Combinations to try out with Sneakers

Now, let's look  at some cool combinations that will go with sneakers and make the summer of 2020 yours:



1. White T-shirts and Sneakers

As simple as it sounds, this old classic can help you to pull off your summer look in the best possible way and if you are wearing it with sneakers then my friend you have rocked it. For girls, there are like legit thousand and one looks, one of the trends in the denim and the knotted white T-shirt with a pair of blue sneakers and your beloved sunnies. If you are investing in colors of sneakers like, blue, white and black then I will call you the Warren Buffet of your wardrobe because theses colors compliment white t-shirts in the best way. Some more combinations are made with high waist jeans pleated and teal skirts and many others.



Guys always have a special place for their white T-shirt in the wardrobe as it is their go-to look for everywhere. They prefer a combination of a white t-shirt, grey shorts, and light brown canvas sneakers. And this look is best suited to black sunglasses. Some other good looking combinations are made using black jeans and denim jackets. So, if you have a white t-shirt and sneakers with some good pair of denim and shorts, then this is going to be a comfortable summer for you. A quick fact for guys, a study showed that girls are more attracted to boys wearing white t-shirts.



2. Jackets and Sneakers 

Okay, okay I know what will be your reaction, "Jackets! In summers, Is he mad or what? ". No, I am not! We live in the world of misconception where jackets are seen as winter wears. These jackets can be our best companions during summers and springs.

According to me, Denim jacket is the king and the rest are subjects when we pair jackets with a pair of sneakers. These jackets go best with a white canvas or black slip-on. Also, this combination is best complimented with light-colored shirts and t-shirts like blue, green, grey, etc. and that too with black and blue jeans. Another thing which comes to our mind while talking about the jackets is- Utility jacket. With a belt or without belt this apparel is best suited with knotted plain t-shirts and multicolored sneakers. This classic combination gives you a casual good yet comfortable look. Girls when wear bright-colored dresses and short jackets with white sneakers, a glance in the mirror with this look gives a soothing effect in summers.



3. Shirtdresses and Sneakers

If you own a rich wardrobe, then there is no chance that you don't have an elegant shirtdress. Wise shoppers what a transformative change can a shirtdress bring into your personality.  At least, Meghan Markel knows it. These days this classic is collaborating with "comfort". Yes, you can wear shirt dresses with sneakers.



I will suggest you incorporate simple and light-colored sneakers with the plain-colored shirtdresses and keep the fancy ones for the right occasions. I will suggest you go with the simplistic styles of brands like converse and vans which makes one of the most economical yet classic sneakers. You can experiment with your plain dark-colored shirtdresses with a pair of white kicks. My personal favorite is the all-white look and with the elegant "Gucci Ace" you are going to ace the summer look.



4. Shirts and Shorts

You have to accept guys; corporate people have been acing this style for a very long time. Hollywood has made us think that whenever you see people in shirts, shorts and slip-on with goggles and hat on a yacht then those are corporate people having a holiday and also they make ten times more money than you,  so please stay away from them. The mixture of white shirt and short denim, light-colored shirts, and dark shorts are some prominent ones. With these, you need sneakers with a more rich and formal look so I will suggest Lanvin, Saint Laurent, and Valentino, these brand some of the richest looking sneakers around the world. So, if you are going to own a big corporate house then go and buy these combinations as this will have the most elegant, rich and formal look.




It's safe to say that the entire concept of comfort meets fashion began when people started being more aware of their well-being. What I feel is that a perfect wardrobe constitutes a proper mix of style and comfort. I will just say be comfortable, be stylish, be fashionable and most importantly be confident and my friend, then you will be the best version of yourself.

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