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10 Adorable Pillow Customization Ideas

Every house is incomplete without a cute bunch of mini cushions and also without some comfortable quirk pillows by the side of your bed. In the era of customizations and personalization, the pillows and cushions undoubtedly had to be included in the makeover game. Adorning rooms and beds with cute things can never go out of fashion.

And having to turn your old boring cushions and pillows into a pile of cuteness is a good idea to dive into. Start by having a plan on what exactly you need on your pillow cover. With plenty of options to choose from, set your priorities and preferences to what exactly you seek to decorate your bed and room. Colour, pattern, size, design, and shape are a few characteristics that you want to pay attention to. 

Cushions and pillows customization.


Here are a few ideas to help you pick some cool and quirky cushions or pillows. 


1. Sequins work.



Sequins work has always been a fad thing. Decorating your sofa set or throwing some tiny cushions on your bed, sequins work is always in. The latest fad to join the club is personalized photography sequin cushion. Having yours or your favorite person's picture affixed on the cushion is an excellent way to add a personalized touch to your room interiors. You can select the color pattern, your favorite pictures, text to get printed on the cushion, and make the cushion look the way you have always wanted. 


2. Fur cushion. 



Fur cushions are also trending, these super cute and fluffy cushions add a fun, cute and romantic element to the overall look and feel of the room. The customizations allow going the extra mile and customizing the cushion according to your needs and creativity level. These furry cushions come in various shapes; one of the most loved shapes is a heart-shaped furry cushion. This shape is also a good gifting option; you can get your photograph affixed or get a customized love note written and gift it to your loved one in the most personalized and heartfelt way.


3. Canvas cushions.



Cotton canvas cushions are easy to maintain and look great when paired up with other cushions and pillows on the bed. They are considered an excellent versatile choice to match other cushions with solid colors, patterns, and prints. Customizing these cushions has many options. You can get your name imprinted or get a favorite quotation printed on the cushion in the most elegant manner. You can choose to get it done with the text type and font size you like. 


4. LED cushions.



Led cushions are also making a name in the customization Industry. These LED cushions, as the name suggests, have an LED circuit installed inside the cushion, and interestingly the cushion lights up and looks fantastic. You can get it personalized and get photographs affixed, a message, or a cute emoji printed. These cushions come in handy if you want to have night terrace or home party, they also look cool at night dinners or surprise birthday party. You can use it to decorate your room and switch on the plug for a romantic night date or when your close friends and relatives visit you. You can opt for a yellow LED or vibrant LED depending upon your preference and liking. 


5. Couple cushion.



 Personalized couple cushions are a thing now. Getting lovers photograph fixed or lovey-dovey message craved, the trend seems to be quite loved amongst couples. There is another huge trend of celebrating valentine’s day or anniversary by gifting each other these cute little cushions. The whole idea of couple cushion to have it customized as a token of love, the cushion acts as a perfect reminiscent of the love story. If you are also looking for such cute options to decorate your room, get it personalized in some unique way, and make the most of customization. 


6. Cute unicorn cushion.



We all know 3D and 4D are used extensively nowadays to add a touch of more beautifully curated design. The cushions are now becoming the next cute little things, and what better than a colorful unicorn image to adorn the cushion work. These colorful unicorns look great in the room interiors and also add a chic touch with a pop of color in the room. You can choose the size and shape and color pattern of a unicorn that you find the most lovable and cute. 


4 Bonus Ideas.

  1. Blingy heart cushions.

  2. Double side printed cushion.

  3. Personalized Birthday cushions.

  4. Personalized collage cushions.



With an array of customizations available, getting one for yourself or your loved ones is a look idea. The personalized cushions are high on utility and also helps in enhancing the decor of the room. The personalized cushions look chic and add a dose of uniqueness. If you also want to pick customizations for yourself, this list can help you to get one that you will enjoy having in the room.

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