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Amazing Guide For Packing Your Bags For A Trip



A trip even if it is for three days, is important! We need a trip now and then to escape from our daily boring 9 to 5, to escape from deadlines and the honking horns of a jam-packed city. It is for our mental sanity. 

However, packing for a trip is a tiring job. I know we all keep procrastinating this one important job till the last minute. So let me help you a little with your procrastination, I am going to write down a list of essentials, and all you need to do is go through them one by one and get or pack the items.

But wait...

First thing to do is, you need to choose the luggage, the main luggage for your clothes and essentials. Always pick the handy luggage, a bit lightweight and but has enough space to hold everything you need for the trip. Remember to buy a bag with a good warranty. 

Luggage you should look for:

● Rolling Luggage 

● 4-Wheels

● Duffel Bag

● Wheeled Backpack

● Travel Backpack 

Now, the choice of bags is up to you. It depends totally on whether you are going for a trek or a relaxing or luxurious vacation and also what your transport is like and most importantly what you are comfortable with. 


Now comes the part of the essentials you need:


● Amount of clothes depending on the duration of your trip but do not overdo it and the types of clothes should rely on the temperature of your destination.

● Undergarments. (Obviously, duh!).

● Belt.

● Socks and shoes.

● Raincoat or an umbrella.

● Sleepwear.

● Sunglasses and glasses case or contact lens kit.

● Jewellery (Just in case..)

● Hat or a scarf or both.

● Swimsuits.

● Cell phones charger or earphones/headphones/AirPods. 


For your toiletry bags:

● Shaving kit. Also, carry some extra razors.

● Towel.

● Hand sanitizer.

● Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash.

● Hairbrush or comb, hair products, and few hair ties

● Deodorant and perfumes.

● Shampoo and conditioner. Dry shampoo is the best if you are going somewhere cold.

● Sunscreen.

● Makeup product, makeup remover wipes, q-tips, and skincare products.

● Moisturizer or lotion.

● Lip balm.

● Personal hygiene items.

● A mini mirror.

● Detergent.

● Sewing kit.

● Toilet paper.

● Scissors, tweezers, and nail clippers (should be in checked luggage if you are catching the flight)


 For your health:



● First aid kit that should contain bandages, gauze, adhesives, thermometer, sunburn relief ointment, etc.

● Copies of personal prescriptions and if you can carry your original prescriptions.

● Do not forget your prescribed medicines.

● Pain killers and fever relievers.

● Cold, allergy, diarrhoea, altitude sickness, and motion sickness medicines.

● Antibacterial ointment.

● Multivitamins.

● Insect repellent.

● Eye drops.



Technology items or things so that you do not get bored and also, travel in comfort:



● Laptop, iPad, or Kindle.

● Camera and Go Pro video camera, extra memory card

● Electrical converters and adapters. Also, chargers for all your devices.

● Watches.

● Travel pillow and a blanket.

● Eye mask, and earplugs.

● A journal and pen.

● Books or magazines.

● Travel board games.

● Water bottle.

● Guide books, maps, language guides, etc. Because Google may not help you everywhere due to network issues.

● A Bluetooth speaker.


Important Documents:

● Passport and visa(s) 

● Your ID.

● Cash and credit card(s)

● Health insurance cards or document(s) and also your travel insurance information.

● Transportation tickets.

● Hotel and tour contacts.

● Emergency contacts and addresses.



If you have come this far and you are still having second thoughts, then please push those thoughts aside. You read this list for a reason. You want a trip; you need this trip. I know you do, So get the luggage and start planning!

Pick a destination, gather your pals, book the hotel, plan the trip and have the best time of your lives.

No matter where you go, you are going to have a great time! Remember to make sure you have packed all your essentials, and you did your research on the place you are going, you have got all the transport details. Pick the right luggage to take the minimal amount of clothes, make sure you keep your money hidden in separate places of your luggage, clothes, socks, and shoes.



  1. Take few extra small bags.

  2. Carry a reusable water bottle.

  3. Avoid over packing

  4.  Roll! Don't Fold..

  5. Carry few laundry bags as well.



Remember to stay on alert do not trust any strangers but respect the people and places you go to visit, appreciate their culture and do not try to impose your beliefs on anyone else, respect their customs, do not forget to tip accordingly, also try and learn their languages, and positively engage yourself in their culture. The people and the places you will visit can teach you alot.

You will get to eat different types of food, learn some recipes if you can. Do not break any rules and do not hurt anyone's sentiments. Do not indulge in anything that can cost any harm to you or others. Take pictures, lots of pictures, take along one of those fancy polaroid cameras if you can. Live your moment!


Best of luck! Travel well.

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