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17 Best Places To Visit With Family

Family is the basic unit of socialization. It is an unbroken and genetic or non-genetic bond that we form with our caregivers. And obviously who doesn't love spending time with their family, whether single, married or just an adrenaline junkie. So in this article, I have included places that have almost everything to offer for different ages.

At first, it was quite challenging to include the best places to go with family in India, like someone asking you choose only one sweet at a time from a large box. Similarly, India is packed with so many places for people to see that at least a year of the trip would be amazing.

Below Are The Places To Go With Family In India.


1) Alleppey



Aleppey is the former name of Alappuzha. Alleppey is also the administrative headquarters of Alappuzha in Kerala. This state has population only of about 1,80,000. This is the third city in Kerala with highest literacy rate. In 2016 it was rated as the cleanest town in India by the centre for science and environment. It is the oldest planned city in the region. This city has a famous lighthouse, which is one of a kind. Alleppey is also known as the Venice of the East.

The nearest airport to Alleppey is around 54 km away in Kochin. There are many more tourist spots to Alleppey like Changanacherry is just 28 km away from Alleppey. Thrissur and Trivandrum are two other tourist locations. This town is full of canals, backwaters, beaches and lagoon. It was Lord Curzon who gave the title of "Venice of the East" to Alappuzha. Hence it also comes to be known as " Venetian Capital" of Kerela. This is yet another famous tourist destination in India. It is the backwaters of Alleppey that make it this memorable. It is from here that a houseboat cruise can be booked. And boats can be hired to be used only in the district. These boats are made available by Kerala State Water Transport Department.

It is a very famous tourist spot in Kerala. This is a significant tourist destination in Kerala. The Backwaters of Alleppey are a significant reason to visit Kerela. You can book the houseboat cruise in advance, from various agencies like Kerela houseboat cruises, River land cruises and Rainbow Cruise Boat Yard. These are the most reputable agencies, and their services are incredible. The backwaters connect you in North with Kumarkoram and Cochin, and in the south, it connects to Quilon. Apart from houseboat services, government boat services within the district are provided by the Kerala State Water Transport Department .

This place is also famous for its annual Nehru Trophy Boat Race. It is held on the Punnamada Lake, Second Saturday in August. This is one of the most popular and competitive boat races in India. There is also a fair or festive season held for ten days in December called Mullackal chirap. But the essential places remains to be the houseboat on the backwaters. These backwaters are surrounded by lush green palm trees, and the most exciting fact is that they have floating restaurants too. The soothing effect of this place will make you forget your most luxurious stay.


2) New Delhi 


New Delhi is the capital of India. It is very well connected to all the places around the world. One can take a flight to New Delhi from the there nearest International airport. There are many tourists places in Delhi, and there's a lot on can do, even if you are a foreigner or even as an Indian, you know. The famous tourist places in Delhi include lotus temple where there is no God in the form of a statue, Iskcon temple by the Iskcon society, Qutub Minar, Red fort, Humayun's Tomb, India Gate. Most of these sites are a part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

And when you are done with the sightseeing, the lush markets like Atta, Sarojini Nagar, Katran Market famous for its wholesale fabrics, Crockery Market, welcomes you and the delicious Paranthe wali Gali, the chaat corners and the pav bhaji all these are a significant point of attraction in Delhi. There are many more tourist places in Delhi that have not been explored much, and there are many places nearby Delhi. And when you get tired of the humidity in Delhi, then there are around 15 waterparks near Delhi out of which you must as many as possible to beat the heat. Especially if you are visiting during early or late summers, going out in the afternoon can make you fall sick, but you can use your mornings to visit any one of these water parks.

However, as I have travelled to Delhi at least eight to ten times and yet I have not covered all the tourist places in Delhi. So whenever you want to visit Delhi, at least have one week time to enjoy all the tourist places and things to do. The best time to visit Delhi is between November to March. Because from late March is the arrival of summer and Delhi is just too hot. And during monsoon Delhi is full of humidity. So before the onset of winters in October to March, it's just amazing to visit Delhi.


3) Taj Mahal



This is yet another most famous tourist place near Delhi. It is at a distance of 234 km. Taj Mahal is again another UNESCO World Heritage site. Most people who visit Delhi also make sure to visit the Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal in the loving memory of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It consists of her tomb inside it and also that of Shah Jahan too.


4) Rishikesh Uttrakhand 



Rishikesh yet another tourist city nearest to Delhi and is situated in the foothills of Himalayas and it is a popular place for river rafting, yoga ashrams, and some popular cafe's. Rishikesh is located at a distance of 243 km. It's only connectivity is through roads and railways, so you can hire taxis or get on a bus, or take a train, however during peak seasons reservation in trains is next to impossible, although there is a helipad, but only for Vips. However, there is a Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun which is just 35 kilometres away. This is one of the most visited nearest place to Delhi. Rishikesh is situated near the bank of the Ganga river; people often go there to see the famous Ganga Arti and take a bath in the Holy Ganges. There are many temples and the famous Ram Jhula too. It's a passing in between the two parts of the city, the same as that of London's Bridge. But if you are not here for temples, then there are various river rafting camps and some waterparks such as crystal world, fun valley.


5) Bhimtal, Uttrakhand



Bhimtal is yet another nearest tourist places to see. It has a lake of the same name and a famous Aquarium on the Island and a Hanuman Garhi, where there is a very tall standing Hanuman Murti. It is 299 km from Delhi and is connected via Railways, Roadways and Airways.


6) Mukhteshwar Uttrakhand 



Mukhteshwar is a small hill station, famous for its adventure sports like rock climbing, rappelling etc. This is one of the most peaceful locations in India. It is connected to roadways. And is at a distance of 346 km from Delhi.


7) Jaipur, Rajasthan



Jaipur is also known as Pink City. It is also the capital of Rajasthan. Visitors can see a lot of architecture here in the form of Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Amer Fort, City Palace, Jantar Mantar are amongst many popular tourist sites to see. Most of the old palaces have been converted to Hotels. However, you must be careful before choosing it and should enquire in your sorority about the ones where people have stayed. Most popular hotels in this city include - Marriott, ITC Rajputana, The LaLit, Radisson Blue etc. But if you are not that much fan of architecture and history, then you can always treat yourself with a beautiful spa in these for you their hotels and a lot more. And then you can head off to a bird sanctuary nearby.

Yes, it's hard to believe, but, Jaipur does have a lot of greenery and luxury to offer through it's Luxury Tree House Resort. The treehouse has a great aura to refresh all your senses, and it's luxury amidst lush greens. The resort is an hour away from Jaipur and has a variety of tree houses to offer its guests. Instead of treehouses, they are called luxury nests, deluxe nests and private suits. So go out that extra mile, and you'll return with many beautiful memories. If you want to know the price, you can contact them through phone or get the quotes by email as well. Nature is untouched by any pollution and a fantastic view of syari valley.


8) Manali Tree House Cottages



Yes apart from the mountains and rivers, Manali has beautiful valley treehouse cottages. If you are from North India, then this is the perfect getaway from you. These cottages offer a panoramic view of the wildlife of the Himalayas. Here different seasons bring different kinds of joy, such as fresh fruits in the autumn like walnuts, cherries, Chinese apple, etc. Spring brings beautiful flowers and bloom in the mounts. And summer is ideal for all the adventure sports lover, and in winter you can enjoy a warm cuddle in your room with the Bonfire. The cottage has a lot of things planned for your stay so you can plan your visit accordingly.


9) Ladakh



Ladakh is a cold desert in the Jammu and Kashmir region of India. It is famous for its adventure sports, picturesque scenery, and Buddhist monasteries. While planning on a trip to Ladakh, you must pack two things sufficient, snacks and woollens.


10) TreeHouse Hideaway, Bandhavgarh, Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh. 



The resort consists of five treehouses, amongst the jungle. It feels like you are in some classic Disney movie. The area covers a land of 21 acres, and also many species of animals, birds, and as of now, it is a secured small park to all of them. You can spend your time in your private room or take a stroll across the wilderness. The designs of the rooms are a mixture of modern art and ancient outlook. The five treehouses are named after the five trees they are built on such as Mahua, Tendu, Palash, Peepal and Banyan. The treehouses are in hundred per cent blend with nature. The treehouses have been made by local expertise, local craft knowledge. The rooms are well maintained with 24-hour water supply, living area, mini bar, and a lot more. There's a dining hall too, which has two parts, one on the ground floor which serves continental and barbeque meals. And the upper ground has bar and lounge.



  1. Kashmir 

  2. Goa

  3. Haridwar

  4. Ranikhet

  5. Bageshwar

  6. Ajanta and Ellora caves

  7. Agatti Island Beach 


Special Tips 

  1. Try to explore more things away from the cities.

  2. If you an international visitor, please make your bookings for hotels in advance.

  3. Don't talk to strangers and take their help or direction.

  4. Don't eat street food too much; it is not suitable for the heart and health.

  5. The best places to shop are Delhi and Jaipur.

  6. Don't get tagged and purchase a satin shawl instead of a Pure Pashmina shawl.

  7. If you want to buy handicrafts then buy it from either the hats or govt authorised handicrafts shop.

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