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13 Breathtaking and Affordable Locations To Visit In India

Travelling does not necessarily need to burn a hole in your pocket. By knowing the right and beautiful travelling places and getaway, you can enjoy, chill and unwind without having to think about the expenses. India is abundantly rich in attractive locations. From mountains, hills to beaches and spiritual places, India has everything that makes it a paradise for tourists and travellers.

Here is the list of places in India that you can visit in 2020. These places are sure to fulfil your #vacaygoals, and at the same time, these places are easy on the pocket. So, make a pick from down below and plan a perfect travel plan with your family or friends for your next vacation.



And The Places Are

1. Spiti Valley.

Spiti is blessed with natural beauty and is a perfect place to visit for all nature lovers. It is a small and remote valley situated in the Himalayan mountain range of Himachal Pradesh. It is known as mini Tibet for its striking resemblance to it. Spiti can be an excellent getaway if you are on the look to beat the heat of your city. Along with enjoying the scenic beauty of this place, you can also enjoy adventure activities here such as trekking or Jeep safari.


2. Ladakh

Before it became a separate entity, Ladakh was a part of Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the most loved places in the country, especially for bikers as it is known as the land of high passes and makes biking a whole different and exciting experience. Its remote location, high altitude, and ancient monasteries are among the best feature of this beauty. One thing to remember if you plan to visit Ladakh is to make sure you have ample of time to give to explore this place.



3. Parvati Valley

Located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, this one is a beauty that you cannot miss. Experience some rare and beautiful world scenic landscapes at Parvati valley. This place is full of nature’s beauty, serenity and, peace. Villages and open spaces by the bank of the river are sure to give you an adrenaline rush. It isnan ideal place for camping in the summer season, Tosh and Kheerganga are other beautiful places in Parvati valley that makes it a must-visit location in India that too under budget.



4. Jaisalmer

This is also known as the golden city of India located in Rajasthan. This is a place to visit and enjoy the lovely dunes, historic Havelis, beautiful palaces, and well-known Jain temples. Jaisalmer port, Camel safari, Thar desert are some of the main tourist attractions of Jaisalmer that are breathtaking and at the same time are budget-friendly spots. This is a must-visit place for people who want to enjoy the traditional music, culture, and customs of Rajasthan.


5. Gokarna 

It is a town in Karnataka and is a very famous pilgrimage destination. Famous temples such as Mahabaleshwar Temple, a shrine of Lord Shiva and Temple Koti Teertha are famous holy sites here. Other than famous religious places, you can also visit Gokarna if you are a beach lover. Beaches here are clean and less crowded. You will find this place relaxing and rejuvenating destination. Beach resorts and lounges with modern facilities and economic rents can be easily availed here


6. GOA

This is the most loved and famous tourist place in India despite being the smallest state of the country. The beaches, marketplaces, churches, nightlife and seafood are the main attractions of this place that does not deserve to be missed. Goa has an entirely different and energetic vibe. There is something for everybody and is a tourist spot that is full of life. Visit this place to experience uniqueness at its best.


7. Rishikesh

Located in lower Himalayas of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh has always been a famous spot for fun and adventurous activities such as mountain biking, trekking, rafting, rock climbing and, bungee jumping. But other than this, you can come here to feel the spiritual and peaceful vibe of this destination. Detox your body, mind and soul in ashram using ancient methods and meditation. Rishikesh also holds international yoga festival every year in February.


8. Meghalaya

This is a beautiful destination in India and is in the North-Eastern region of the country. This is a tranquil place and is a must-visit for people who want to try some new travelling spot and at the same time want to stay away from the hustle-bustle of the other tourist spots or metropolitan cities. Waterfalls, clear and serene lakes, impressive mountain range and trekking trails, all recreational activities are breathtaking here, making it an attractive tourist spot of India.


5 Bonus Places To Visit

1. Chittorgarh - Rajasthan.


2. Khajuraho - Madhya Pradesh.



3. Pudducherry - Union Territory.



4. Kodaikanal - Tamil Nadu.


5. Aleppey -  Kerela 



With these beautiful and breath-taking travel destination options in India, everyone is sure to find a pick that goes well with their idea of travel and enjoyment. These destinations are sure to offer a relaxing and calming atmosphere as well as will not let your travel expenses go beyond the limit. Travel smart and travel gladly to these beautiful destinations.

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