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25 Classics Wearables That Never Go Off Fashion

Isn't that outdated? A friend mocked another. We have used this phrase some time or the other in our life but what we don't realize is that there are some evergreen classics which are there in every field like songs, cricket, etc.

In the world where things are changing rapidly and the technology has proven that your imagination can turn into reality. The same thing goes with our fashion industry where with each passing day your trendy or "fashionable" looks are becoming outdated. BUT elegance or grace never changes.  

The way you can't be fed of old classic tunes of Kishore Kumar, the way you can't be fed up with the cover drives of Sachin Tendulkar similarly some fashion classics never go of style. When we say that classics are always there that means that those are the things which go with everything irrespective of what so ever latest trends come and go season after season. So, fashionistas lets go back to our basics and add these classics to our wardrobes which are "forever trending".



Classic outfits that stay always in trend 

Here are a few classic outfits that you can try of:


1. Trench Coats

Imagine yourself with a glass of latte in one hand and newspaper in the other and you dressed in a long trench coat imagine the classic formal look it will give to you. The advantage with a trench coat is that it is the same but what light-colored things with it the so-called latest trends are complemented by this masterpiece season after season. The golden belts act as an icing on the cake with this classic piece. To have a formal look use dark color trousers with a light-colored coat which will give you a proper formal look or it also goes with your black T-shirts for casual looks. If you are considering the lengths, long trench coats are more often used than the shorter ones. Brands like Burberry, Aquascutum, H&M and many others are some famous brands making fabulous trench coats season after season. So, add this classic ever-lasting and ever-fashionable piece to your wardrobe today.




2. Trouser Suits

Oscars, Emmys, Golden globes or any renowned ceremony with the public figures witnessing it we will see people wearing trending clothes or famous designer suits and what not but one elegant piece which has an evergreen look is the trouser suits. Whether it is Michael Obama in slouchy silver or Gigi Hadid in green tailored to suit its impact is unparalleled. Plain colored jackets with straight black leg pants or a total black combo are some trendy looks. But, I would suggest getting out of your comfort zone and try some different colors, different trouser suits. Like small trouser suits were worn with simple T-shirts. So, bring your trouser suit and make your trendy look with it.




3. Little Black Dress

Chic and casual, office and evening, modest and immodest style. The little black dress has it all. This classic item has never everything- Feminine, sexy, classic and black. This piece of clothing is classic for a reason. It comes in every style from flowy to body-hugging, from plain to embellished, a perfect piece for any occasion. The best part is even if you wear it for the second time; nobody notices it that it is not new. It is the most reliable outfit for dates, dinners, clubs, and work events.

The little black dress (better known as the LBD) is versatile, can be mixed up with accessories and is universally acclaimed. From Hollywood red carpets to promotion parties, the LBD is a tried-and-true look that dates back to the early 1920s. It was made popular by style icons such as Coco Chanel, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn. So, if queen Elizabeth calls you a dinner with her then you know you can go with your black dress.



4. Aviator Sunglasses

The aviator sunglasses were originally designed in 1936 by Bausch & Lomb to help pilots that they have a good sight while flying and to ensure to protect their eyes. Aviators eventually became the signature model for Ray-Ban—and the go-to shades for a certain impossible-mission-tackling action star.

After World War 2 these glasses became so popular that in every movie from that time till today we can find people wearing these sunglasses. From Sylvester Stallone to Arnold Schwarzenegger to Tom Cruise each one of them has used it and is still using it making a bold statement that these glasses are not going to go out of fashion any time soon.




5. High Heels

Did Cinderella wear heels that night?  Okay sorry, I know such a naïve question it is. So, let me start with a quick fact initially heels were made for men and now we have women who are now using it like a pro. It elevates their personality and gives a classy look to them. The flat heel sandals give you a formal look in the office while cone heels give you some house party vibes.  A woman owns many shoes but a pair of heels will always do their magic.  These heels have a special place in their wardrobe as well as in their hearts.



Bonus wearables you can go for

Here are some more wearables that never go out fashion:

  1. Jeans

  2. Converse

  3. Topcoats

  4. Round Neck T-shirt

  5. Classic Hats

  6. High Heels

  7. Floral Shirts

  8. Animal Jackets

  9. Boots

  10. Blazer

  11. Woolen Sweater

  12. Leather Jacket

  13. Three-Piece Suit

  14. Suspenders

  15. Fur Jackets

  16. Loafers

  17. Sling Bags

  18. Zebra Prints

  19. Bell Bottom Jeans

  20. Potli and Handbags



Now, you know what to wear and when! But there is a magic ingredient that will never go out of styles- THE RIGHT ATTITUDE. Wearing anything with the right attitude is what matters. If you are comfortable with what you are wearing, everything is a CLASSIC

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