White V Neck T-Shirt Paired with Dark Blue Suit

Excellent Ideas To Pair Your T-shirt With Suit



Reinventing wardrobe in a much more relaxed and sexier look making boring formals classier one! So, it’s time to look for the things you can put together and still beat the floor with your elegant ways and look sexy. Wearing formals suits with tie and those same colour trousers every day may be a hectic job some while for some it’s just a matter of habit now. 

As there is always some alternative to everything so, here it is. You can roll up your sleeves and still find it the classier way of pairing up your formals. Yes, it is. Here are some ways you can pair up suit with your t-shirt and make it a complete formal look.

Suit combinations with the t-shirt

Finally, here are some great ways to look stylish just by pairing up your t-shirt with suits and blazers.

1. V- neck t-shirt would be best


If you are looking to par up your t-shirt the go for a v – neck t-shirt with a blazer and trousers. Wearing a round neck would look too odd or may give you old 80s 90s vibes. So, also keep it stylish and straightforward, pull up your v- neck t-shirt from the wardrobe, and pair it up.

2. No to graphic tees


Avoid wearing that graphic tee with your suit. It will look quite immature, giving you a weird look, thus making you walk with low self-esteem. Better not to try any crazy combinations with your formal look. 

3. Go for fitted ones

Remember one thing while pairing up your t-shirt with your blazer; most importantly, choose the t-shirt that fits your size. Neither too tight nor too loose. It will have an adverse impact. If you want it to hug your torso, then do it casually. And bottom hem should be in the centre of your belt.

4. Colour combination 

Go for colours that suit you best and ensure no clashes with your formal look. Like light grey with a black blazer, grey with bluish-grey, dusty pink with burgundy and white with black or grey blazer. It will add just grace to your look, and no clashes at all. 

5. Final touches


As the notion of wardrobe reinvented these days. So, a semi-casual look looks classier and stylish for offices as well. So, roll up your sleeves wear white canvas with skinny or denim jeans. It will add a different wave to your whole look. Wearing according to the scenario where you are going will make you look impressive. 

6. Footwear

Please keep it simple. It will look more decent. Wear white canvas, sneaker, or wearing brown boot will make it look better as it will give the right silhouette. 7. Excellent touches Another look that will look perfect is just by pairing your everyday tee with a blazer. Choosing a linen tee would go better with a blazer, but prefer to select plain ones. Unbutton your blazer and then rock the floor. You are ready.

8 choose wisely what you are wearing.

9. Go for brands

10. No to faded or dark colours.

Pro tips for a perfect look

1. Try to make it a decent combination.

2. Avoid wearing graphic tees or too much-printed tees, and this will make it look too 90s and make your attire a messy one.

3. Go for plain tees under your blazer.

4. Wear the right footwear.

5. Make your hair well-combed or use gel to set them up.

6. Tuck in your tee under the belt, this will give you a sober look.

7. Pairing your suit with a t-shirt or if you are turning your semi-casual look into a formal one, the go for a blazer with a plain tee, denim jeans, and white canvas.

8. Avoid sagging or too loose t-shirts. It will make you look weird.

9. Lastly, carry your confidence with your outfit.

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