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7 Irresistible Must-Have Shoes.

If you are a college or working girl, I understand your shoe dilemma. You cannot spend much on your shoes. If you are in college, then you are broke, and if you are a working girl, well, you are broke too because you have to do taxes and pay bills. 

So what to do with shoes? An outfit is incomplete with the perfect shoes, but after everything, you are not left with many budgets, and there are like so many shoes that you want, and eventually, you end up buying the wrong ones that don't even go with half of your closet. Ah! The struggle!

Phew! Deep breaths, please. I will provide you with a list of 7 shoe closet must-haves.


7 Essentials.

7 essentials for the 7 days in the week. No, not really, but well, you need these 7 pairs if you are on a tight budget, but you want to look flawless in parties, hangouts, weekend trips, and what not?


1. Black pump heels.



The iconic black pump heel is very important. It will come handy for your interviews or if you have a formal day in college or you have to show up as the boss girl. The heel will go with all kinds of looks. For the office goers, you know you need this, for the client meets and the important meetings that could honestly be just an email.


2. Nude pump heels.



Nude pump heels go hand in hand with black pumps. For a much sober look and if you don't want to look all goth in your black suit and shirt. You can pair up your trouser pants with a pair of nude pumps, and it will look so classy.


3. Sandal heels.



For the freshers and the college fest, when you want to look gorgeous and want to turn some heads in the crowd. And to the big girls, who are doing the 9 to 5, these pairs will come in handy for the office parties and weekend shenanigans with your co-workers.


4. Slip-on sandals.



A must for every day. You need a slip-on sandal for the quick visit to your local shop or the sudden grocery shopping. When you are lazing on your bed during the weekend, and your friends call you up and say, 'Hey, we are outside your place, come down, let us hang.' Yes, you need these shoes for all your lazy moments.


5. Sneakers.



If you go for a must-have shoe shopping, then put sneakers on the top of your to-buy list. You need these shoes more than any other shoes. While buying, do not opt for something too colorful or too much design. Buy any of the primary colors like white, grey, black, or shades of nude.


6. Boots.



Don't you want to slay the winter? I am sorry you cannot do that with your regular pair of sneakers. You need to have a couple of boots. Either get a tan brown colored pair or a pair of black, the choice is yours but get them. Do not procrastinate with this decision. 


7. Something extra.



This is honestly not a must-have, but it is a necessity for the times when you just 'Aj kuch toofani karte hein'. This pair is all about being extra. Like for no reason at all you are putting on a fur jacket as you go out clubbing, you need these pairs for moments like that. 


Bonus Tips.

Some bonus tips for you that will make shoe shopping easy for you

1. Heel height: Do not buy a pair of heels just because you saw someone wear it, and it looked amazing. Make sure you are comfortable with the heel height. Wear the shoes, walk and see if it is made for you. Heels are no joke. If you have never wear heels then buy a 2-inch heel then you can do 4 and so on. Do not go for the 6-inch heels in the beginning. You do not want to break your ankles.

2. Types of Heel: Regarding the pump heels, you can buy whatever heels are comfortable for you. For most girls, block heels are better than pencil heels, and it is understandable. 

3. Color of sandal heels: While shopping for sandal heels, go for minimal color tones. That will go with your party or weekend outfits. Always keep your wardrobe in mind while buying shoes.

4. Sneaker size: It is always suggested to buy a pair of sneakers, which is slightly bigger than your actual size. Wearing one size up will let your feet breath, and you will not get bruises. 

5. Extra bling: For the shoe which will you give you the 'extra' vibe, make sure you what you want. You can go for clear heels or animal prints or neons, but again, remember your outfits while purchasing them.



Get them asap. If you already have some of these pairs, great, get the rest. Also, you do not need to buy from expensive brands. There are websites like Shein, which offers a great deal. 

Buy great qualities, but do not waste unnecessary money on them.

Have a fun time shopping!

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