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18 Lovely Valentines Day Gift Ideas

14th February is celebrated as Valentines Day every year. The day is named after Christian Saint Valentine, who was known for propagating love all around. After his martyrdom, the day is celebrated in his remembrance so that the legacy of love and care should always continue. After all, finding true love is one of the biggest blessings in life and holding gratitude for it is indeed the essence of Valentine's Day. 

The day is not a part of Indian culture traditionally, but the sweet message it holds about honoring your dear ones makes it worth celebrating. With its immense popularity, Valentine's Day is here to stay. If you are also planning to celebrate V-DAY, here are a few lovely gifting ideas that can inspire you to make this day full of love, gifts, and surprises! 




 Here are unique valentine’s day gifting options

1. Flowers


Fresh Flowers are a pleasant gifting option; with this one, you can never go wrong. A bunch of pink flowers represent eternal love, while the classic red flowers are symbolic of passionate love. If your loved one has any particular favourite flower, make sure to go ahead with it and enjoy some flower power gifting ideas. 


2. Plan a special date.


Having an opportunity to spend some time alone and quality time together is just perfect. Plan a place that is serene and peaceful and away from the noisy, disturbing public places. Unwind and celebrate the day with loads of togetherness and love. There are plenty of valentine's day special discounts and offers you can avail to get some great deals to book good getaways in and around your city. 


3. Make a video.

You can plan and strategize to make a valentine's day exclusive video dedicated to the love of your life. This video can be about all the memorable moments and fun scenes of you both. You can also make the video to explain a few of some special reasons for loving your valentine and why you are pumped up to have him/her in your life. Posting this video on social media can also make the gift more special. 


4.Luxury Items.



Valentine's Day calls for going the extra mile. If you are planning to gift something extra special for this Valentine's Day, you can gift some high-end gifts. Branded Accessories and jewelry are some safe options that you can gift when it comes to luxury items ideas. Another option is to upgrade the item your partner is already using and get that same item in the luxury brand. 


5. Prepare dinner. 


This option is all about putting in the hard work to make a memorable gift that you both can enjoy. Anything done by the self is always special. You can cook favourite food items that your partner love, this way it will be more cherished. Calling it a night with a good dinner and food is a fantastic gifting option that you can try to do. With all the hard work and delicious food, your partner is sure to become all impressed by you. 


6. Personalization and customization.


Personalization opens up some cool ways to get the gift that goes as per the liking of the gift receiver. The personalization/customization indicates how well you know your partner, making it highly famous as a gifting option. You can customize apparel/graphic t-shirts, mugs, photo frames, cakes, jewellery/pendants, etc. The ways to customize are endless and require you to put in some creativity to decide the way to pull up the gift so that your partner can't stop loving the gift. 


7. Chocolates.


Everybody loves chocolates. This is the sweetest gifting option of all the times. Chocolates are simply the best creations! Also, if you have decided to gift chocolates, make sure to dive in an array of chocolate options that you can choose from. Strawberry dipped in chocolates, customized chocolates, chocolate bouquets, chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, the possibilities are just over the top.


8. Promise RINGS.


If this V-Day, you are planning to take things one step forward, this is the gift option for you. A promise ring is not a token of love, but it also symbolizes a strong commitment that you are ready to give your partner. Expressing commitment may make things unbelievable, but with this lovely token, you can promise to keep your partner with full love and care for life. Just wrap up the ring or kneel to offer it, you can spice up things to the next level with these promise rings. 


10 Bonus Gift Ideas

  1. Teddy Bear.

  2. Perfume.

  3. Jewelry.

  4. Wallet.

  5. Musical Crystal.

  6. Messages in Bottle.

  7. Love Contract.

  8. Metal Eiffel Tower.

  9. DIY Painting.

  10. Netflix Gift Card.




Strengthening bonds and expressing genuine emotions for your loved ones is special. Valentine's day is the perfect day to say the unsaid feelings and love you have always held for your partner in your heart. Presenting gifts is just icing on the cake, so make sure you are ready to rock the valentine's day eve with perfect gifts, surprises, and heartfelt emotions.

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