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10+ Mehndi Designs to Try Out This Wedding Season

Mehndi is a popular art form in India. mehndi is the ancient version of tattoos.  The uses of mehndi are varied. It is used for hairs to color them naturally. And it is also added in hair color dyes. Henna is an Arabic name for mehndi. mehndi has been a part of marriage and it's traditions for a long time. But it's application on hands is not restricted to just marriage, it can be applied on any auspicious occasion. It leaves a cooling effect on the skin after it's application. Nowadays the mehndi ceremony is a major function in marriage. 

As of now, mehndi has become a popular art form. Thus it has so many designs that one can have a different one for every hour. So today I'll be discussing the best mehndi designs that will give you an outstanding look as of now.

This article will tell you about bridal mehndi designs and mehndi designs for kids and adults with mehndi designs images.


10 Mehndi Designs You Could Try

Here are a few mehndi designs you can try out this wedding season:




Arabian design is a popular name in mehndi designs. It's famous for its intricate details and beautifully organized natural scenes such as leaves, flowers, birds and dotted designs.  As of now, these designs can be applied on complete hands, but initially, the Arabian design was famous for its one-sided application on hands. 




Jewelry style mehndi is a popular design now, it's application appears classy on hand. And at the end after the application, the design looks as if you are wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry. The most popular jewelry drawn are bracelets, ring and hand chains, anklets and as far as your creativity can go.



Floral designs have been quite popular for a while now. These designs resemble a freehand drawing in the center of your hands or two-sided design with space in between. These designs can be about anything, but mostly picturesque floral scenes are drawn on hand. They are drawn preferably on the back of the hand or starting from the front wrist.



Net mehndi Design is a very delicate pattern of dots and lines, resembling a net cloth. But the artists are always to free to add their personal touches and net design plus floral pattern, together make for an excellent sketch on hand. Net design is ideal for those women who don't have much time to get ready. These designs take only ten minutes to draw on hand and another twenty to dry off. This design is ideal for evening parties as it also resembles a kind of tattoo. This design looks best on the back of your hands.



Mandala in Sanskrit means a circle. Coloring the Mandala designs has been considered to give you relief in anxiety and stress in psychology. Since there are Mandala Rangoli's, drawings, carpets, etc., there had to be mehndi design as well. A mandala is drawn in the center of your palm or back of the hand and then in between several other sketches are made. The circle is representative of the circle of life, which keeps ongoing. 




Bride's are the most sensitive creatures and it is well-known in their sorority, how much important it is for a bride to have a look different from the other brides and bridesmaids. Bridal mehndi designs vary depending on what style of dress-up you pick up for the day. Mostly the bridal designs include a full hand mehndi design, your hands will be covered with henna up to your elbows. The bridal mehndi designs, because of its length can incorporate two to three designs such as jewelry, peacock, and Arabian at once. 



Tattoo Mehndi Designs are popular among the new bride to be and younger women, however, there are no age restrictions. The tattoo design of your choice will be drawn out of mehndi. It could be an object, snakes, dragons, kitty, butterflies, roses, thumbing, etc., the choice is unlimited. This is also ideal for a bride who's not too much into mehndi. And this mehndi design does not need any occasion to be applied on. 



The Marwari Rajasthani design comprises a wonderful combination of the tradition, folklore and the beauty of Rajasthan all in one design of mehndi. Initially, Marwari design is famous for clothing, furniture, jewelry and glass artwork too. But its incorporation in mehndi quiets a unique combination. Commonly peacock is found in their designs.



This design comes from the land of Rajputs and has a wonderful look. It is based on the jewelry design of the same name. This design comprises of peacocks, birds, palanquins, bride and groom, etc. This design is ideal for brides as it will also give them a royal touch. 


Bonus Styles

Here are a few honorable mentions you would want to try in Mehndi Designs


11. The Glitter Mehndi 


    12. Full Hand Karwachauth Mehndi 


      13. The Colourful Mehndi


        14. Floral Arabian Design 


          Special Tips on Mehndi Application 

          Here are some unique tips you can try out:

          1. Make sure you have soaked your mehndi properly because without soaking it will not reveal its color.

          2. Be sure that Heena does suite your skin, if you are a first-time applicant then, do a skin test first and then apply.

          3. Do not buy colorful Mehndi from stores, instead use some Natural Flowers powder to add color to your mehndi or food coloring is also a great substitute, but before applying this, Please experiment once. 



          In conclusion, one can say that mehndi is a beautiful art form and for some, a business through which they can earn a small amount of livelihood. It will give you a cold sensation on your skin and hair when applied. On hands, it leaves a wonderful design after it's dried and on hairs a beautiful color, volume, and texture. 

          Mehndi designs are of various shapes and differ throughout Asia. The most popular designs in mehndi include Arabian, Meenakari, Mandala, tattoo, and net, etc. However, these are just a limited number of designs there are many more that you can find online and offline. Whatsoever be the design and details mehndi always leaves your hands and feet looking beautiful. mehndi does not need any occasion to apply, however, several occasions it is most used on includes Diwali, Dusshera, Rakshabandhan, Sangeet, and Wedding.

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