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16 Best Types Of Skirts.

Drape a new pattern on legs every day.



So who doesn't love wearing skirts, from small girls to older women? The skirt is one of those pieces of clothing any woman can carry out with ease. And they are available in such a wide variety that you can't say you don't like. Plus, they come in handy, and you can always redesign them according to your comfort level. But before we get to know what are the best skirts that you can wear this year, it's essential to know a brief history of how and where did they start.


Skirt in the Past.



Skirts are a reformed form of petticoat, just the fact that they are used not as a support to clothes but as a form of attire to wear with a shirt or top and kurtas too. Skirts have a long history. Mostly the skirt is a separate garment; only sometimes it is used as a support to other clothes such as in swimsuits. In many cultures, skirts are still worn by men too, such as in Ireland and Scotland, and since the ancient times, they were worn by both men and women.


Skirts In Popular Culture.



The hemline of the skirt varies from person to person and their choices, their cultural surroundings as well as the changing context of fashion. 

Because skirts have a lot of variety, one needs to be sure of what they can wear when to avoid being an alien in a known crowd. Here I'm listing various versions of new skirts to suit almost all occasions. These are the best because they are comfortable, elegant, easy to carry, and you will not feel out of your body in them at any time you wear. So you can below is the list of the best skirts you would want to wear this year.

And The Different Types Of Skirts Are.


1. Pleated Chiffon.



Pleated skirts have been in fashion from about the mid 19th century. Latest we saw Meghan Markle in that same skirt. Pleated chiffon is elegant for tea parties, outdoor picnics, and even first dates. It has plates, and you can attach another cloth from inside to support the transparency.


2. Twill A-Line Skirt.



Twill A-Line Skirts are available in almost all kinds of fabrics. They give you what Elle woods will call

"a neat fitting." This skirt features a perfect- line body. You can wear it for long days at work or just while shopping or enjoying yourself with your friends. This skirt has that right flare that lets you feel comfortable and fitted at the same time. They don't come with an elastic waistband, though. However, there is a back waist chain.


3. Long Skirt.




A long skirt needs no introduction. These are high waist skirts ranging from less flare to as much as you want. They are ideal for evening parties, blind dates, office parties, and wherever you want to wear it.


4. Pencil Skirt. 



You have got those newly toned legs, or want to try something new. They are pencil because they give you a close fit and are tailored according to your body shape, or instead, they adopt the shape of your body. So it's named pencil because of its shape like a pencil which is long and slim. However, there are no restrictions on chubby women wearing them.


5. Bodycon Miniskirt.



To the pencil skirt, the bodycon is more like a cousin, but only far off. They come in all shapes and sizes and are peppy for that sensual look. To achieve that mini look, they are high waisted mostly. Most importantly, they come in that stretchy fabric that is comfortable. You can wear them to a pool party, shopping, anywhere you wish.


6. Tulle Fluffy Ball Skirt.



Tulle Fluffy Ball Skirt is quite a sophisticated choice. They'll give that elegant look that all of the above skirts won't. But if you buy a full-length tulle skirt. Because mini tulle might give you a look like you are a fashion barbie child coming out of an ice cream factory wrapped too much around your waist, but still cute. Whenever you wear the long ones with a top, they'll give you the look of a gown.


7. Ruffle Skirt.



Ruffle skirt is a common choice for any woman nowadays. They can be worn for office, parties, and wherever you want to. A ruffle is created during the making of the skirt. It gives a simple skirt a better look. The ruffle is more like a flowy style that offers an asymmetric hemline to the skirt. They give out a very feminine vibe and great for any occasion.


8. Side Knot Skirt. 



This is a variation in a simple skirt. But it is a lot more comfortable to wear it all-around the day. It's more like a wrap dress, but only that sometimes the knots are just hanging on your waist as a style statement, and other times, it works as waistband tying the skirt to your waist.


9. Chiffon Long Printed Skirt. 



Chiffon Long Printed Skirt is an ideal for the spring season, as it's print will highlight you never like before. Its floor-length makes it fantastic for a picnic, shopping, coffee, casual outings, and dates, and if worn with the right choice of cloth, you can use it as a gown.


10. The Trip Shonali's style Long Skirt.



Of course, most of us loved the styling of all the ladies on the trip. Here's your chance to be creative. Shonali's party golden skirt from the trip is ideal for any of your evenings, late-night parties, going to a pub, etc. The skirt has a great medium flare and floor-length hemline.


Bonus Skirt Collection.


1. Victorian Long Veil Skirt 



2. Midsummer Puerto Rico Skirt from 19th century.



 3. Victorian Black Ruffled Skirt.



 4. Modern Winter Long Skirt.



5. Printed Prom Skirt. 



6. Windy Day Georgette Skirt.




Well, it's life and what's it without a few experiments. So you can keep experimenting with your looks and feeling beautiful inside and outside.

So below are a few honorable mentions.

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