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13 Exquisite Tattoos For Women

Tattoos are an ancient form of body modification. At the beginning of the time, tattoos have initially been a sign of belonging to specific ethnic groups. At present, tattoos are more of a self-expression and a form of art. According to the current statistics, it has been concluded that women are getting inked more often than men.

Tattoos may look 'fancy' and 'cool' it has many side effects. Sometimes infection and hypersensitivity whereas sometimes regret. If you have any skin problems, it is suggested that you talk to your doctor first before getting inked. 


What are the best spots for getting inked?

● Back of the neck

● The spinal cord area

● Back of your area

● Thighs 

● Arms

● Ankles


Now you must be wondering what tattoo to get. Fear not, if you are one of those beautiful ladies who are looking for a tattoo idea then this is for you. 


1. In memory of…


In the memory of your fluffy friend. Most of us have dealt with the pain of losing our paw-mates, it is nothing less than losing a family member. Also. This category is not only limited to our pets but also anyone dear to us. 

Tips- Don't get a tattoo related to your partner. That is the one tattoo that you are going to regret for the rest of your lives because humans change but the ink will be there on your body forever, reminding you of your mistakes.


2. Minimal tattoos

If you are a minimalistic lover and you want to get inked but you do not want something 'too much' or 'out there' then this is your category. A minimal tattoo is proof that simplicity is really beautiful.

Tattoos that fall under this category are:

● One word tattoos.

● Numbers that hold some significance in your life

● Symbols.

● A small flower or leaves


3. Mandala Tattoos


Mandala is the latest trend. The mandala art is getting all the hype in the world of art and people who love to get inked for fun is catching up with the trend.

Mandala tattoos give the henna tattoo vibe and it is beautiful and decorative. The best spot on your body to get a mandala tattoo inked is your back. 


4. Artsy

To satisfy the aesthetic soul in you, these artsy tattoos are what you should be looking out for. The artsy tattoos are my personal favourite. There is no limitation in this category. You can do so much. It is your ideas meeting the art of your tattoo artist to create something beautiful and phenomenal. 

If you want to get a unique tattoo, then this is what you should get.


5. Ornament tattoos

This is when mandala tattoos meet minimal tattoos. Ornament tattoos may look beautiful but these are also one of those tattoos that women mostly regrets because these tattoos will be there on your body like a false piece of jewelry for the rest of your life.


6. Huge Flower Tattoos

A classic. Huge flower tattoos are an old tattoo idea but this does not mean that it is out a trend. It is an eternal form of body art. However, with modernization, the design keeps changing to suit the women of the present generation.


7. Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoos are just too bold and fearless, an iconic tattoo. The girl with the dragon tattoo, Daenerys Targaryen and even makeup guru and influencer Nikita Dragun showed us how iconic a dragon tattoo is. If you are a 90s girl and you were Jetix raised then you remember Rose from the cartoon, American Dragon, who has that beautiful red dragon tattoo on her wrist. Wasn't that cool? Even ten year old me wanted that! 


8. Tattoos for book lovers

You can either get a cool aesthetic book or library art tattoo or something that signifies a certain novel that you love. For eg, The Deathly Hollows tattoo from the Harry Potter series (shown in the picture above)


  1. Lotus Tattoos.

  2. Dream catcher Tattoos.

  3. Queen Of Clubs Tattoos.

  4. White Ink Tattoos

  5. Unicorn Tattoos.


Tattoos are not only limited to black, you can make it colorful, go all red or the latest trend the invisible tattoo also called the white tattoo. It is amazing to see how technology has changed and now er have glow in the dark tattoos and we also have neon color tattoos.

I can only help you with the base ideas of tattoo, what tattoo you should be getting is up to you. Remember tattoos are a beautiful scar on your body that will remain forever. So do not make any bad decisions. Think through it. Research, get a skin test if you are not sure how it will affect your body, talk to your dermatologist and most importantly find a good tattoo artist, go through their customer's reviews do not get a tattoo from any shady place. 

Talk to your artist about the designs, they will know what will suit you but do not fully trust them, tell them what you want to and how you want it and make sure they work around your ideas.When you will go to get inked remember this important tip, do not go empty stomach, otherwise, your tattoo will bleed and it will be hard for your tattoo artist to finish their work.
All the best!

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