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10 Types of tees available in the Market

Tees have a long history of use ranging back to the 19th century when they were used as an attachment to a shirt or as an undergarment. But with the evolution in the fashion industry, they soon became a style statement and as of now, there are many variations of tees available in the market, such as T-shirt dress, fitted tees, baby doll tees and many more. 


The reason we are discussing these different types of tees is that when you are off to travel, you have a lot in your mind, and at that time it's difficult to pack right, or sometimes you just want to get done for the day, that's when tees come in handy. And even if you are not traveling, when in confusion you can just take a tee out of your cupboard and get going.


Types of Tees

So the different types of tees are as follows:- 


1. Fitted Tees 


Fitted tees are also known as tailored tees. Because they are skin-tight, though comfortable, and can be worn during long journeys. But most importantly they are ideal for busy mornings and traveling because they'll take very less space in your bag, and will give you an amazing look under your woolens or even without any woolens,  and they more like a go-getter look.


2. Baby Doll Tees 


Baby doll tees are that cute kind of tees for girls, cropped from waist sometimes, and knotted on one side. They are more like every girl's traveling best friend and then you can pack a bunch of them in a very small corner. Like in the image below is a tee from Bazarville.com  However if not traveling you can wear them at home, or on a date or a house party as well. 


3. The Round Neck Classic Tee 


The Round Neck tee design is a classic one, you can wear it on any occasion. Bazarville.com has an amazing collection of blended cotton tees that last long, and require minimum efforts. You can team up these tees with your favorite pair of jeans or trousers. Also, Bazarville has a couple tees options, where you can find matching graffiti tees. 


4. Collared Tees 


A collared tee is just apt for you when either you are confused with what to wear and or you just want to get going with your fitness routine or a meeting. Ideally, the collared tees are considered better for athletic purposes. These tees protect you from getting tanned all the while burning calories. And that's not it, this tee is going to help you trek in the most comfortable manner while traveling. These tees come primarily in polyester, they are very easy to wash. 


5. Cold Shoulder Tee 

A cold shoulder tee, that you can just get going with, is one of the best options for traveling as well as great workwear, they are chic, fashionable and sassy, With a new cold shoulder tee, you can flaunt your arms easily, even if they are broad.  These tees come in a blend of cotton and hosiery. One of the best things with cold-shoulder tees is that, if the ones that hang on your arms, irritate you, as of now there are these criss-cross tees that will make you feel like you are stunning and carry more confidence than ever. 


6. High neck tee for a high-end look 

High Neck tees are great if you are in a business meeting or traveling. You must have often wondered that getting those looks like actresses is difficult, but if you pair your high neck tee with jeans and in case of winter a long coat, you'll look completely new. If you are somebody who likes transforming their clothes, then www.bazarville.com is the right place for you. You can get a personalized graffiti T-shirt. 


7. Plunged Neck Woven Tee 


A plunge neck is slightly deeper than the U-shape neck but it has a  V-neck design. But this plunged neck tee can be paired with a pencil skirt or jeans. These kinds of tees are ideal for casual dates too. They are casual, yet stylish. And one of the best things is that they also come slightly woolen, to keep you warm from inside. 


8. Fall Neck Tee 


You can wear a fallen neck for casual outings with your friends and in case you have a pendant, your look is just complete. Or if you come across a picture and you want it on your tee, then Bazarville.com just comes in handy. 


9. Lace Neck Tee


Now that you have thought you want to get the attention of special someone or look your best, this is the right tee for you.  With your laced neck tee you can add, many beautiful pashmina shawls or scarfs, depending on the season. 


10. Keep Calm Tee 

The keep calm tees and tops are as popular as "have a nice day" tees. These tees come in handy and are very casual, but are a  great inspiration to keep on traveling and being dedicated to your work, to say even after a bad day there will be something new. Good thing is that if you don't find it online, you can get it designed on www.bazarville.com. They have fashion designers that'll help you choose the best.

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