Ways to Wear Lehenga on Wedding

13 Ways to Wear Lehenga on Wedding

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So is your best friend getting married? Your sister? The long lost cousin? Or you are? Whom so ever is celebrating their day, you want to dress in the appropriate Indian attire and look your gorgeous self. Don’t worry, we got you covered whether you are buying them ready ones or getting them to tailor-made for that special one. So let’s get to it!


Things you think about

Let us answer the simpler questions first. Know how big the ceremony is going to be so you know if you are going to dress up or dress down. (Now, you don’t want to steal their thunder!) So yeah, once you know that, the difficult questions are still dangling above your heads- What to wear? Next question- How much do you want to spend?


1. You can buy new ones at the store

There is a huge variety available at the stores for you to choose from. With all the latest trends. You can try out the stores of Sabyasachi, Designs by Manish Malhotra, Label by Ritu Kumar, etc.

2. You can shuffle around what you have now and amp them up.

You can also go ahead with what you already have, by a little mix and match! Maybe using a different kind of choli can give it that little bling or just using your dupatta in a different to style your Lehenga. It surely works wonders. 

3.You can get them designed and stitched just for you 

So now this also kind of depends on how close you are to the person and if its a big fat wedding.

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Let’s work with the blouse first! So what is your style? My typical go-to is covered back, deeper neckline, and 3/4 sleeves. I feel this is something that I can wear this as a decent outfit to any occasion like its not very provocative or sluggish either.

Blouses first demand you to pick a neckline. The neckline is important because it will factor into how much of a conservative look you are going to. So give it an extra thought once you think you have decided. Then comes the back. There are millions of beautiful and just so creative back designs. Just look them up. If you want just simple and sexy back get a classic Indian backless blouse.

You want to pick something you are comfortable with or else you will be fidgeting with it through the enter event which honestly will keep you from enjoying the time. After neckline and back are fixed, we go to sleeves! Today designers have come up with artistic and definitive sleeves - net sleeves, power shoulders, ruffled ¾ sleeves, puffy sleeves, etc. or if it’s too hurting your nerves too much go for sleeveless- it's trendy yet modest.

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Then comes what the name is after- lehenga! Basically, it is a long skirt but taking for granted the possession of poetic license remember Kareena’s ( aka ‘Poo’) peach-ish pants that she passed on as lehenga in Bole Chudiya or Deepika’s (aka ‘Naina’) in Dilliwali Girlfriend? You can do that too! Pants, overlapping draping skirts, ruffled ones, Mermaid skirts, a-line skirts, etc. Mix it up.

Before picking the one you might want to consider what your body shape suggests. And  by that I am not trying to limit your options by saying you are too thick or thin to wear that, but considering your body shape will help you flaunt your strengths better and help you shine a little brighter!

Once you’ve your mind made up about the styles you want, now you are ready to think about what material and what work and how much of it you want. I am a more of ‘Less is more’ kind of a person, so little work but attractive and rich is what I like.

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Go for elementary cotton if the ceremony is right under the sun. Or if that’s too bland, mix it up with silk to give it a little heavier look and yet leave you with the cotton comfort! Play with your legacies- Cotton and Silk. Silk is we can say like diamonds. It belongs to the riches and has always been worn but royalty.

Brocade is fabric with deep-routed patterns. Brocade fabric is bound to give you a heavier look and a tasty one while at it. Chiffon is a lightweight material. It is made out of cotton, silk, nylon, polyester, rayon. It gives nice soft drapes in the fabric. So if you want to use that, shoot for chiffon.

Satin channels the glossy look and is comparatively presents a smoother look, also elegant. Georgette is woven from silk and is a little crinkled than chiffon but otherwise is also a lighter fabric. Again preferred by royalty dyed dark velvet also being used by the designer for a quite long time to give the bearer a stimulating look! So they are all amazing, just see what suits you better.

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You can also go ahead with these styles:

  1. Anarkali Lehenga

  2. Sharara Lehenga

  3. Saree Lehenga

  4. Jacket Style Lehenga

  5. Flared Lehenga

  6. Kalidar Lehenga

  7. Indo-Western Lehenga

  8. Pavadi or Langa Voni Lehenga

  9. Layered Lehenga

  10. Fish-Tail Lehenga.                                                       



So that's it guys, you are ready to pair it with some amazing jewelry and look like freaking princesses and queens, not that you don’t in your sweats and pajamas too. It is important how you wear it and not only what you wear. So let happiness and confidence weave you dress and shimmer all day and night.


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