Web series To Watch On Netflix

Top 15 Web series To Watch On Netflix

Are you a web series addict person? Do you think that is education or enjoying enough? Then you are in the right place. More than 70% of youth are addicted to web or TV series. And Netflix is the most popular platform for this. If you don't know what Netflix is, then we must tell you about this. Netflix is a platform where you can avail all new and old web series and movies, upon your wish. So, if you want to avail this, you need to have Netflix subscription which costs some bucks from your pocket. Entertainment lovers don’t consider it as spending. You can check the subscription plans on their official websites.


Top 10 Web series To Watch On Netflix

Do you hear of doing Netflix and chill? Yes, yours will be the same. Web series is something that you can leave unfinished. If you love it, then you need to finish it. Or, you will die with suspense. The mystery is a must-have thing in life. We all have emotions. The web series, based on human emotions and regularity of life. We can relate those as well. So, be with web series, and it’s updated episodes will be fresh. And the new generation has a deep love for Netflix. So, before taking a subscription, have a look at the web series. 

1. Stranger Things

The duffer brother nailed the web series. If you want to try something great, then Stranger things will be the best option for you. The story starts with the vanishing of a boy named Will, a short form of William Byers. Then the boy went to inter-dimension with a headless creature called Demogorgon. Joyce Byers, Will’s mom, is distressed by her son’s disappearance. Then how she and the whole friend’s group of Will started to find him, accompanied by the Police officer. And the story goes on. Stranger Things has three seasons now, and the 4th season is coming. So, watch it now. 

2. Breaking Bad

According to us, Breaking Bad is the best web series we have seen so far. The IMDB rating is also saying so. So, they gave it 9.5 ratings out of 10. The story starts with a family loving over-educated chemistry teacher, who has cancer. Walter White, the chemistry teacher, knows that he doesn’t have much time to make his family secure after his death. So, he joined his drug dealer student and started making Meth. Making Meth gave him a lot of money and problems. Watch it on there. You will enjoy a lot.

3. 13 Reasons Why

This web series also has a high rating. This web series based on mental health. So, the people who are in depression can avoid this. The story starts with a suicide of the lead role of the web series. And every 13 episodes carry 13 reasons why she commits suicide. This web series is worth watching and much realistic.

4. Narcos

This web series is another web series worth watching. It was the most popular web series when it released. IMDB says so by giving it 8.8 ratings out of 10. The story is upon the rising of Cocaine business in Columbia and the real-life incidents of drug kingpins in the late ’80s. As the story goes, it becomes interesting. So, this will be a good option


5. House Of Cards

8.8 rating taker House of Cards depicts a realistic story. The secretary of state and his wife’s account for taking revenge on the people who betrayed him. It will be a fantastic web series if you choose it.

6. Daredevil

Daredevil has stolen the spotlight on many Netflix lovers’ heart. IMDB has rated it 8.6 out of 10. This web series is an actual organized series of Marvel Universe show. If you are an MCU lover, then it will be a great choice.

7. Lucifer

If you love fiction, then Lucifer will be a great option. IMDB also gave it a happy rating with 8.2 out of 10. The story starts with a devil, who returns from hell and opens a pun in Los Angeles. The rest is for you on Netflix

8. Big Mouth

If you are a cartoon addict, Bigmouth is waiting for you. This web series shows that the puberty isn’t natural even for a cartoon character. It has eight ratings on IMDB. So, you can enjoy it.

9. Nailed It

Nailed it is a story of an unsuccessful baker who suddenly finds the track to success. Watch how he achieve it and his story on Netflix. The IMDB rating is 7.3.

10. You

If you want something romantic, You is for you. It will show you how a bookstore manager falls for an aspiring writer and so on. It has 7.2 IMDB rating. So, we can watch it.


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If you love to watch movies and web series, Netflix is the perfect option for you. It offers you an organized collection of web series and films. If you want to see the new episodes, you can avail it there. Netflix is always updated with new seasons or further collection of web series. So, you love to watch and enjoy your boredom with freshly released or old jewels of web series, then go for it.


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