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10 Classic Wedding Outfits For Men.



Weddings and Marriages.

Weddings and Marriages have a difference, although the terms have been used for the same kind of ceremony, Weddings are these long functions with lots of people and fun. However, marriage is a simpler get together with fewer festivities.

Dressing up for a wedding, most of us have to follow a specific dress code. Sometimes that dress code for all is mentioned on the card, and sometimes it's not. So be careful before purchasing any outfit and make sure you have either a shopping consultant hired or at least a woman who can help you with your taste. So Below I'm suggesting for you some great looks that you can try and buy.


Here are the outfits.


1. Kurta Pyjamas And A Jacket.



Kurta and pajama are traditional wear for men in India. And with this now they also add a jacket. Kurta pajama makeup fabulous look for evening wear, and even they could be used for wearing during the days, and the color combinations are so much varied that you will get confused thinking which color to wear in which one not to wear. It again depends on what kind of occasion you're invited to so and because with the jacket what you have to do if you need to make sure that the jacket you are wearing with kurta suit with it and not that you are picking it up from a student thought ok this is going to look good and you going to wear it.


2. The Christian Grey Wedding Suit.



There might be any woman who is not obsessed with the looks of Christian Grey or particularly that of Jamie Dornan in the fifty shades trilogy. So now all you got to do is dress like him and for that buy a black suit with the best possible fabric and user both time you are all set to go you don't have to do to my schedule looks remember that when you are not trying to look too good to look your best and when you try looking at acting smart you might appear as quite dumb.


3. High Low Kurta With Pyjama.



High Low Kurta has been popular in the form of girly wear, but as of now, they have taken a new look, and that is for men. Most of the man can now wear high low kurtas with pajamas that look stunning for as the evening wear in there they could be worn even at a day essay you are not invited to a function at your friend's house. You would use one of these good because they are style shape gives you a new look different from others.


4. Short Kurta with Jeans and Jacket.



Well, we can undoubtedly say that there or not many options are available when it comes to dressing for men, but as of now, these options have increased because of different styles coming ahead. And one of these styles is a short kurta with Jeans and Jacket. These short kurtas come in handy when you have to spend long days at your best friend's wedding or even on your own.

All you have to do is either buy them online or are available in offline stores at a very reasonable price. There are two kinds of short kurtas one that comes with a straight hemline and others that come with round or deep U shaped helpline, so you need to make sure which one you want, and if you're confused, you can always try them on at an offline store and then buy them. These can be styled along with the pajamas, too, but they look much better when worn with their jeans or trousers.


5. Kurta and Churidar.



We have heard that quite often, that cotton churidar for wearing for women, but they are also used for wearing by men; in fact, all the actors that in movies are wearing churidar and not pajamas while dancing on most traditional songs. The churidar for men come more stretchable or broader than they are made for women because for women, they are supposed to be a fit, and for men, they have to be loose. The combination creates unusual evening wear and a great day look too. All you need is add accessories with it.


6. Pathani Kurta With Salwar.



Remember the last time you went to a Haldi ceremony of a friend; you didn't have an exact dress to wear Pathani kurta and salwar are and answer to that. Pathani kurtas feature a regular stand collar that gives them different looks from all other kurtas, and the salwar is similar to what we women wear with a kurta. However, the cell was made for men are less than they are for women. But with changing times of information, even men have started wearing balloon pants for balloon salwar nowadays.


7. Three-Piece Suit.



Whoever said that they don't want to look better than the rest of the men in public, now all that you have to do is spend some money and try out some tremendous three-piece suits they are a standing example of looking formal in an everyday occasion and for parties and weddings too. Just make sure that you don't buy these suit online because online you are getting more discount you should buy them offline because you will have to try them and make sure that the color suits your skin code most of the men tend to fall out of fashion and styling is because they don't buy the things that you have to and that goes with their body flow and the structure.


8. Anarkali Kurta With Coat And Long Jackets.



Anarkali suit has been popular in women's wear. Still, as of now, a new style has been introduced by Sabyasachi Mukherjee, which has men wearing Anarkali kurta with churidar, coat, and pagri. This look is typically for the groom. Ideally, you can also style it with your long Jackets too. As far as the whole look is concerned, it appears unique and different and comfortable.


9. Jodhpuri Suit.



Jodhpuri suits have been famous for quite a century now. And most men wear them for wearing at weddings. They are renowned for their tight standing collars and are readily available online and offline. As of now, they come in various necklines depending on your comfort. Or rather better would be to get one stitched from a tailor.


10. Churidar Kurta with 3/4th Jacket.



This is yet another new look for most men out there looking for sophisticated and classy fashion. Long kurta with 3/4th Jacket makes it a stunning look for both the groom and the groom's men.


Special Tips.

  1. If the invitation mentions that you are supposed to come dressed in black ties or a simple black dress. Then you must follow it.

  2. In case if for a formal wedding colors are not mentioned, then you can wear black, charcoal grey and midnight blue tuxedo or legal suit with a necktie or bowtie.

  3. Your favorite polo t-shirts sleeve fewer t-shirts are not welcome at a wedding, be it Indian or American.

  4. If you have to attend an Indian wedding and wearing a kurta pajama with traditional kind of Kolhapuri shoes, make sure you have worn them before like for a day or four, because like new heels they'll bite your feet one at a time, unless like the Queen you have somebody to break your shoes in.

  5. Although people don't do it but still, do not wear casual shoes with your outfits, especially if you are looking to impress women out there.

  6. Mix and Match your favorite suits, ties, kurta pajama sets in advance, don't drive yourself mad with what to wear, and with which color.



In conclusion, all I can say is that, as a guy, you must be very careful with what you choose to wear. If you are confused, then take you mother's or sister's help to decide. Ultimately your task is to look fantastic and feel comfortable.

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