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Wish-list For The Season!



Well, finally, after a lot of wait winter season is here and the winter season means lots of holiday shopping hot chocolate and fun with family or maybe just a holiday in the woods. Enjoying the snowfall, decorating the Christmas tree there are too many things that come into our mind as soon as you approach December, and of course, one of the most important things here is that when you look into the cupboard.

You see that you haven't shopped in like 5 to 6 months. It is time to upgrade your wardrobe to something new, but this wishlist will not just be about clothes. It will also be about another thing that you always thought you should have in your house.

You see, your house will never be clean if you keep stuffing too much of everything in it. Now that holidays are approaching, you could give yourself a great treat of keeping the house clean and maintaining a nice cupboard, for the upcoming year.


So get going with this seasonal wish-list that you can follow this year.


1. Cushion Covers.



Cushion covers set a positive image while you are decorating your house, and they make your home appear brighter than usual. For this season, you could go for cushion covers from shein, Hobby lobby, or if you know how to embroider them, then you can just get that whole feeling of Christmas started.


2. The Red Christmas Gown.



Yes, Tis the season to be jolly, and there have to be atleast two beautiful red dresses that you can add to your cupboard, it could be any, but my personal favorite includes the one with lots of lace details in it.


3. The Maroon Velvet Gown.



Velvet has been often used for wearing than just decorating. And velvet gowns look very classy than the usual georgette and chiffon. You can simply go to a nearby store, show them the design and see if they can provide you Velvet gown. The best part about Velvet gown is that they don't require too much effort and styling, and you don't have to spend too much-taking care of them; they can be handled and stored easily.


4. The Merry Christmas Carpet.



Well, now that you are ready to welcome a new holiday season with lots of cookies and cream. It's time to add some spark to your kitchen or living room wherever you want to place it. But the point is Red Christmas carpet will uplift even the worst of your mood. Plus, it will bring the vibes of freshness in your house so that when you start your morning, it's there to welcome.


5. Multicolored Off Shoulder Gown.



Thinking something that this is too much red for one Christmas season, then this year, you can go up with something different. The multicolored off-shoulder gown is something that is a must for your wardrobe; this is going to be that gown that makes all other dresses feel jealous, it has a beautiful flare and great mixture of colors. And the best part it will look beautiful even during the day and at night too.


6. Updated Make - up.



Yes, for this season, the updated make up will be cut down the use to a lesser number of products, after all. This year should be about going all-natural or maybe mostly natural you could use certain creams, and sunscreen, of course, is a must. Once when you have started using natural things on your face, you would feel a different kind of glow, and your skin will feel much softer than usual.


7. Fragrant Candles and Lanterns.



Well, you have a beautiful house, but what a waste without some good candle decorations. Fragrant Candles can add so much to the vibe of your home they leave different and beautiful fragrance. They are delicious to light up. It's like brightening up your house. And while hosting a dinner party, you could use candle lanterns to decorate the area around them, and this way they will not a blow-off even if you have a blower on.


8. Wall Christmas Tree.



They are readily available in the market, and even in online stores, all you have to do is buy one and just stick it on your favorite wall. They come in handy, and this is also cost-effective. Somebody who does not have a lot of time to decorate the tree; this could be your thing. And the best part is that you wouldn't have to go out thinking which tree to buy what should be its width and length, that it will fit in your house all you have to do is just buy it and hang it and the best part it can stay in your room all year long, so you don't have to take off. C

hristmas will be there in your room all year long, and so what the spirit in your heart be young. And if you are not able to buy at the last minute at a store, then you can create it with the help of a garland.


9. Black Heels.



Yes, a new pair of black heels, after all, what would your year be without those great looking black high heels that you thought you would buy, but kept delaying them now is the right time to you can go out and buy them and have fun in the year long.


10. Hanging Lights.



No, I'm not talking about a chandelier. Hanging lights are common decor for room, and they look stunning. Plus, you can leave them hanging and lit even if you are going out of town. They come in various shapes, and if you are not able to find the one, then use simple rice lights.


Special Tips.

  1. Make sure you buy a nonslippery carpet.

  2. Well, if you are reading this article and like me, you have no money or means these goodies, just relax and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa or chocolate, and work hard to get it next year.

  3. Avoid clustering the Christmas lights while hanging them in the wall.

  4. All the things listed above could also be used as gifting materials for others, or rather, you can buy two pairs of gift one and keep one.


In conclusion, Tis the season to enjoy so don't focus if you are not able to get anything for this Christmas because you are low on money many don't even have food to eat so just enjoy with the things that you have but make sure that you have an am wait for the next year this will never happen.

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