Home Safe | Set of 15 A4 Posters
Home Safe | Set of 15 A4 Posters

    Home Safe | Set of 15 A4 Posters

    Rs. 299.00

      Qty - Set of 15 Posters (1 Each Design)

      Quality - 300 GSM Paper

      Size - A4 (11.69in x 8.27in)

      As you go outside your homes after lockdown, we all need to live the new normal. Guests & members of the family need to be reminded to follow new cleanliness norms and preventive best practices that help keep them and your family safe.

      Our HomeSafe posters and signages are best-practice standardized templates. They cover guidelines for both, the community and individuals. We hope this small initiative from Bazarville can help communicate clearly and consistently so that you & your family can focus on getting back to daily routine safely and run responsibly. 

      These posters are here to help you.
      Help us by sharing this forward with #bazarville #talkaboutit #staysafe #homesafe.

      Design Credits: NH1 Design