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Sacred Games - The Story

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Each emblem in Sacred Games 8 Episodes is a contemporary take on stories from various ancient Hindu scriptures, mixing modern design elements with characters from the Indus Valley Civilization.

Emblem 1 - Ashwathama (avatar of Lord Shiva)

Emblem 2 - Halahala (deadly poison released during the samudra manthana)

Emblem 3 - Atapi Vatapi (Two demon brothers in Hindu mythology)

Emblem 4 - Brahmahatya (The sin which one gets by killing a Brahma or a Brahmin)

Emblem 5 - Sarama (A mythological being referred to as the female dog of the gods)

Emblem 6 - Pretakalpa (Cycle of life, death and beyond according to Garuda Purana)

Emblem 7 - Rudra (Personification of ‘terror’ & been praised as the “mightiest of the mighty” in Rigveda)

Emblem 8 - Yayati (Yayati, son of King Nahusha had conquered the whole world and was the Chakravartin Samrat)


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